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Interviewer: You are also on record as opposing [SCP-953's] terms of confinement.
Agent: Because it's dangerous. Like I said, she's spiteful. Every little slight in her eyes she saves up, and the only way she knows how to repay an insult is death. Chaining her to the wall like an animal… when she gets out, and she will get out, she's going to kill everyone who had the slightest thing to do with it. She won't settle for anything else.
~ — 953 Interview A

SCP-953, also known as the Polymorphic Humanoid, is a Keter-class creature currently in containment by the SCP Foundation, resembles a Korean Kumiho who makes a habit of devouring human livers.   


SCP-953 is a female red fox with nine tails but enjoys to take the form of other creatures, with a preference for a beautiful Korean woman. The creature makes a habit of devouring human livers. The one weakness of its transformations is that it keeps at least one part of its true form no matter what. This allows it to be easily spotted in a group, just by searching for the one person with fox features, whether it's a tail, ears, paws or something else. However, it will use clothing to try and hide these features. It also possesses slight psionic abilities, allowing it to trick people into believing obvious lies.  


Before she was captured, the Kumiho would go on violent sprees to rip the livers from their owners and proved herself to be far more than just a predator.

The Kumiho would proceed to draw out her victim's agony and viciously torture them to death, relishing in their pain. When she escapes, the Kumiho will inevitably begin her murders anew, including an attack on a furry convention that left many dead.

She also murdered an agent's fiance and performed sexually indecent acts on the corpse right in front of the agent. Her worst crime, however, was telepathically forcing a mother to murder and cook her own child.

On a Foundation investigation, she telepathically seduced the dispatched agents, made them cannibalize a rotten corpse, and killed two of the three agents, with one being killed mid-coitus, after first biting off his genitals.  

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