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Run, f*cker.
~ SCP-973-2
I can’t really say. He just looked... different. His eyes were red, I remember that, and his mouth was just this black hole. No teeth, no tongue, just a hole. I was too busy shooting at him to get a better look than that.
~ An SCP Foundation Agent describing SCP-973-2's physical appearance.

SCP-973-2, also referred to as Smokey, is an Euclid-class object under the SCP Foundation's containment. It is a humanoid male, appearing to be dressed as a police officer in a uniform from the 1970s. It is paired with SCP-973-1, its main method of transportation, to be, collectively, SCP-973.


SCP-973-2 appears to be sadistic, cruel, taunting, terrifying, and dangerous towards its victims over their radios before catching up and attacking. From the range of causes of death observed, it can be assumed that SCP-973-2 enjoys performing its killings in different and brutal ways. However, not enough information is known about its true nature.


SCP-973-2 appears as a balding white male humanoid with a handlebar mustache. It has red eyes and a gaping black mouth with no teeth or tongue. It is said to appear slightly overweight, and it wears a 1970s era state trooper uniform.

Behavior and Procedure

SCP-973 appears on a specific 37 mile stretch of a United States highway between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 4:30 A.M. If a vehicle enters the area traveling over 55 miles per hour, SCP-973 will appear behind them. It will pursue the target, with a looping message being broadcasted over the target's radio, saying "Run, f*cker". When targets flee, SCP-973 will catch up to them in approximately one to six minutes, where SCP-973-2 will exit the vehicle and attack the driver and any passengers in the target car.

The remains of 34 individuals and 19 vehicles have been found around the road in question. Causes of death vary, including evisceration, rape, and more. Vehicles sustain massive impact damage and have burns on the interior. Five survivors of SCP-973-2 are in Foundation custody, suffering extreme mental and physical trauma.  

An attempt to capture SCP-973, nine Foundation officers were killed, though they do believe they may have temporarily wounded SCP-973-2.

Due to its nature, SCP-973 cannot be contained normally. The section of road it occupies is shut down during the designated time, and any trespassers are arrested.





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