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SCR-HD is the main antagonist of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It was the leader of the MeteoTech robots invented by Dr. Eggman, but went rogue when it was possessed by one of the Arks of the Cosmos. After it merges with Astral Babylon's artificial black hole/core unit and the energy from the five Arks of the Cosmos, it transforms into Master Core: ABIS, the final (and only) boss of the game.

As Master Core: ABIS, it is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki in Japanese and Andrew Paul in English, the latter of whom also voiced Johnson in Yu-Gi-Oh.


SCR-HD is the leader of the MeteoTech robots created by Dr. Eggman, who intended to use them to conquer the world with the power of the five Arks of the Cosmos. He put the master ark - the greatest of the five - in the mother computer, connecting the robots to this ark. However, Eggman began to lose control of the robots, who rampaged on their own.

SCR-HD's goal was to collect all five Arks to open a black hole, which would engulf the entire world. While confront Amy Rose and Storm the Albatross, it mysteriously exploded, allowing Storm to take the Ark that was inside him. However, SCR-HD was not destroyed in this explosion, though it was severely weakened. It was able to get all five Arks once Jet, Wave, and Storm had collected them all. This transformed Babylon Garden into Astral Babylon and made the core unit of Babylon Garden create a black hole that threatens to consume the planet. In the process, through the Arks of the Cosmos' influence and power, SCR-HD merged with the core unit and transformed into the twisted Master Core: ABIS.

Soon after transforming, Master Core: ABIS was confronted by Sonic, Jet, and their respective teams on the Mobius Strip, who had come to disconnect the core unit and stop the black hole from destroying the world. Master Core: ABIS fought back and tried to use the Arks of the Cosmos' gravity manipulating abilities against them. Sonic and his allies, however, used this power against Master Core: ABIS and managed to defeat it. After being hit six times by Sonic with the Gravity Dive (ironically caused by black holes opened by Master Core: ABIS), Master Core: ABIS exploded into nothingness, closing the black hole.

Powers and Abilities

Before gathering the Arks, SCR-HD was an ordinary robot that was a leader to the other MeteoTech robots. While racing, it can transform his body into a wheel, as if were an extreme gear. Like the other characters in the game, SCR-HD can use the Arks (which is stored inside of its body) to perform Gravity Control and Gravity Dive.

It functions as a Flight-type character. However, it does not have any unique abilities nor does he have any Gear Parts.

After obtaining and absorbing the energies from all five Arks of the Cosmos and the core unit of Babylon Garden, SCR-HD transforms into Master Core: ABIS. It is granted powers and abilities far beyond its normal form. Thanks to its connection to the Babylonian's gravity-harnessing technology, Master Core: ABIS can manipulate gravity, allowing it to perform Gravity Drive, but on a much larger scale than most others, and can completely distort gravity in a large radius, resulting in the environment being torn apart through gravity shifts.

Additionally, Master Core: ABIS can form large yellow energy bolts and shoot them at its opponents. It can also create and gather giant blocks of molten rock and throw them like meteors at its opponents, which create large explosions upon impact. It also has the ability to teleport over short distances.




  • The name "ABIS" is derived from the term "abyss", referencing its symbiotic relationship with the black hole's core.
  • SCR-HD (at least Master Core: ABIS) is the second robot antagonist to be faced by Sonic and his friends, the first being Metal Overlord.
  • Master Core: ABIS' model in the Wii version is slightly darker than in the PlayStation 2 version.


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