In Pixar's 9th full-length animated feature film WALL-E, the Axiom has security robots called SECUR-T (often known as Stewardbots) supporting their antagonistic faction. They maintain security on the Axiom and serve AUTO and GO-4.


The Stewards are the police force of the BNL starliner Axiom. They try to keep things in order aboard the ship. After WALL-E accidentally freed the malfunctioning robots from the Repair Ward, they chased after the "rogue robots". They considered WALL-E and EVE rogues as well.

Later, AUTO summoned over 40 available Stewards from their Kiosks to stop EVE and WALL-E from placing the plant in the Axiom's holo-detector. One gets destroyed by EVE with a hit to his stomach. Others are electrocuted, sneezed on, and others.  Most of them get destroyed by freed and malfunctioning HAN-S.

However, not all of the Stewards were destroyed. When EVE broke out from the garbage disposal with M-O and WALL-E, they encountered a single Steward who was scared off by EVE and hid in a closet after taking a new picture of them. During the credits, a Steward (that could have been the one in the closet) was seen helping the other robots rebuild the city after the Axiom returned to Earth, likely implying that he had a change of heart, or that the ones who remained loyal to AUTO were destroyed or all of them were reprogrammed by the other robots or the crewmen.


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  • The Steward's first appearance is in Buy N Large's holographic videos at the beginning of the film. When Shelby speaks 'with our all-access hoverchairs...' a Steward is seen hovering to the right.
  • Stewards are the only Wall-E anatongists to be redeemed at the end of the film.


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