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Sabasa is a Witch boss in the world of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins called Pumpkin Zone. Sabasa battles out with Mario in her kitchen where she teleports around the room and casts fire bolts with her wand. Some of these fire bolts falls down under the boiling-pots that stands in the middle of her kitchen and warms them so much that the lids on them fly high up in the air. While Mario battles her, he should stand on a boiling pot, and as it shoots up, either shoot or leap on her, keeping in mind the ceiling is full of spikes. Three hits will defeat her.

What would appear to be Sabasa also appears in a certain Mario Zone stage (which happens to be surrounded by a rather creepy aura, in fitting with the Sabasa character), where she snatches 1-Up Hearts from ? Blocks and runs away from them, attempting to keep Mario from retrieving them. If Mario manages to catch up to and defeat the witch, though, she will reward him with the missing heart. Sabasa also appears as a "nothing" icon in the roulette mini-games and could therefore be considered a recurring villain of Super Mario Land 2.

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