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Oh it's just me. I learned very early on that no one was willing to make real sacrifice for change. In the end, history's actors work alone.
~ Sabine Brandt revealing to a Dedsec Operative after being exposed that Zero Day as a group never existed, and that she always works alone.
It's time for a hard reset.
~ Sabine before killing Dalton Wolfe.

Sabine Brandt is the main antagonist of the 2020 video game Watch Dogs: Legion.

She is a former operative of DedSec and a cyber-terrorist who plans to destroy London by igniting a nuclear warfare. She also created the avatar and false terrorist organization known as Zero Day to prevent anyone from discovering her identity, as well as to prevent anyone from knowing she was the real bomber behind the attack.

She was voiced by Olivia Morgan.


Not much is known about Sabine's early background, other than that she joined DedSec sometime before the events of Watch Dogs: Legion. She was also responsible for freeing and reprogramming Bagley from Blume's control, in exchange for he assisting DedSec in liberating London from corruption.

At some point prior to Operation Westminister, Sabine secretly betrayed the original DedSec London by creating the false terrorist organization Zero Day and though her avatar, negotiating a deal with Albion CEO Nigel Cass and Clan Kelley Leader Mary Kelley to help her set up the bombs for the attacks on multiple locations such as Parliament, the TOAN conference and several other targets. As a result, she will gain access to the SIR's Filament network in exchange for both Albion and Clan Kelley seizing control over London and for Mary to usurp Queen Elizabeth as the new Queen of London.

However, after Albion destroyed the original DedSec London and Sabine shutting down Bagley and murdered fellow operative Dalton Wolfe with her counter-terrorist drones after the bombings have started which failed Operation Westminister, she was about to make an exchange with Cass until he informed her that prior to Wolfe's death, he defuses the bombs under Parliament, thereby causing him to take the deal back and attempt to kill Brandt, though the latter managed to escape.

Upset that her plans to gain access to Filament were futile because of Wolfe, Sabine tampered Bagley's "memories" about her being Zero Day to prevent him or anyone from knowing the truth prior to his reboot, and in revenge upon those who took the deal back, she rebooted and used the current generation DedSec London to not only in dealing against her enemies, but to also obtain the technology needed to act out her grand scheme: make the UK society forgo technology and rebuild it from the ground up.

After DedSec defeated Cass, Mary, Skye Larsen and Richard Malik, Sabine took the opportunity to download all of their tech and use it to initiate the ctOS patch called Drool Britannia, using Bagley as a weapon to destroy all of London with the palm of her hand. When a lone DedSec operative infiltrated Sabine's hideout, Brandt hacked the locations of the other operatives for Albion to launch an assault against them, having outlived their usefulness once again, but unlike the previous generation, they managed to escape in time and hid on separate areas.

As Drool Britannia begins to upload, DedSec had no other choice but to shut down Bagley for good in order to prevent the upload from being completed. However, when two DedSec operatives process to shut down Bagley’s servers, One of them notices Sabine sitting at the edge on one of the fins at the top of Blume Complex watching the chaos unfold with the aid of two of her counter-terrorist drones. Sabine asked her operative if they were incredibly stupid, and when they secretly talk to Bagley when asked to gain access to the transmitter while socializing with Brandt, they answered with a yes, causing Sabine to laugh at a wonder that her operatives were really stupid, and sees that DedSec hasn't changed it's brand.

As the operative is stalling more time for Bagley to complete the trace, Sabine orders her drones to shoot down the operative, only for the operative to hack the fins down as Sabine slides down and grab hold on the ledge of the fins. The operative could only watch as Sabine, smiling in defeat, decided to drop herself to her death while the other operative shuts down all of Bagley's servers underneath Broca Tech, ending her and Drool Britannia for good.


You do know Londoners have died before? Hmm? The Great Plague. The Great Fire. The Blitz. Not much fun. But destruction is always the cure. And it begins today. Zero-Day.
~ Sabine before destroying London.
DedSec. The name is Zero-Day. We've met before, in a past life. This city needed a villain and you were perfect for the part. Now I have you playing a different role; while you've been running around trying to save this city, you've actually arming us for a war. But then, it isn't always for us to know the role we play. And sometimes, once we've played it, our role is to die.
~ Sabine's message to DedSec London.
London, this is Zero-Day. Nice to finally meet. Those little bombings a few months back were my way of saying hello. Now, we'll really get to know each other. All that technology you've come to love so well - texting your nan, driving your car, pumping your heart - it's all about to turn against you. Tonight, your modern world will become a living hell. I don't expect you to understand this, but what I'm doing is good. Destruction is always the cure...
~ Sabine's speech to London.
See? A tiny tweak in your philosophy and we're on the same page. The tower's fins must be collapsed to complete the trace. (...) That we should get the band back together again? Oh, sweet. But no, I'm saying I was in denial too. Shackled by their technology, their morality. But my hard reset wipes the state clean, so we can all start again. I'm sad you won't be around to see it.
~ Sabine's last words before her death.


  • Sabine's facial tattoos appear similar to patterns used to prevent facial recognition. Real-world projects like CV Dazzle use such patterns and techniques to stop machine vision algorithms from detecting the presence of a human face.
  • If Sabine is British, then she possibly had some German heritage, as her last name, Brandt is of German origin, and Sabine is a common name for German females.
  • Despite being the first female main antagonist of the Watch Dogs franchise, Sabine Brandt is far more evil, tough and much more dangerous than Damien Brenks, the main antagonist of the original Watch Dogs and Dušan Nemec, the main antagonist of Watch Dogs 2. While Sabine wanted to destroy London and all other cities around the world by igniting a nuclear war, Damien only wanted to acquire control of the Bellwether code to destroy Chicago and Dusan wanted to turn the ctOS systems into a global wide network to further strengthen the Bellwether.


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