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You thought you and your pitiful X-Men could stop me? Goodbye, old friend. Let the ice be your tombstone: "Here lies Wolverine, alone and defeated"!
~ Sabretooth after throwing Wolverine off a cliff into freezing water.
How about a little taste of Adamantium? For old time's sake.
~ Sabretooth trying to dig Wolverine's own claws into his face.

Graydon Creed Sr., better known as Sabretooth, is a secondary antagonist in season 1 of X-Men: The Animated Series, serving as a recurring antagonist throughout the rest of the series. He is a mutant supervillain, being a former member of Team X and one of Wolverine's archenemies alongside Omega Red. He is the father of Graydon Creed.

He was voiced by the late Don Francks, who also voiced Mok Swagger in Rock & Rule, Doctor Claw in Inspector Gadget, Kybo Ren in Star Wars: Droids- the Adventures of C3P0 & R2D2, Gmork in The Neverending Story's animated series, Dr. Greed in Journey to the Center of the Earth and D. D. Kovet in An Angel for Christmas.

Physical appearance

Sabretooth is an imposing and very muscular individual, vastly bigger than most humans. His eyes are devoid of pupils he is blond, has non-retractable claws at the end of his fingers and sharp fangs.

He wears a beige suit with brown undertones like the gloves, the torso and the top of the head. The most distinctive feature is a huge blond fur collar protruding from the back, similar to a mane.


Sabretooth is a violent, sadistic, cruel, and deceitful mutant. Unlike Wolverine, Sabretooth fully embraces his inner savagery and has no qualms about harming others. The reason for his cruelty seems to come from his harsh childhood, when he was martyred by his father. He despises Wolverine more than anyone because of their past and is always ready to fight him whenever they meet. Although he's worked for Magneto a few times, Sabretooth prefers to go it alone.


Graydon is the son of Jebediah Creed, a redneck zealot who beat him for his mutant deformities as a child. As an adult, Sabretooth had a relationship with Mystique, who bore his junior son. During his time with Team X, Sabretooth left Silver Fox and Maverick to die by sealing the blast door with Omega Red facing them on the other side during a mission, which is exactly how his rivalry with Wolverine started to begin with.

At some point, Sabretooth began working for Magneto, who tasked him with trashing the inside of the X-Mansion. He breaks in and attacks Beast's trial to get himself purposely wounded, knowing the X-Men would take him in if he seemed to be in need of first aid. Wolverine suspects him of foul play from the very beginning and attempted to get rid of him, but gets stopped by Professor Charles Xavier, who tries to plunge into Sabretooth's psyche and help him control his rage. While most of the X-Men were gone fighting Magneto, Sabretooth was left alone with Jubilee. He tricks her into freeing him and nearly kills her for her trouble, but Wolverine arrives just in time to stop it. He escapes the mansion after wounding Wolverine with his claws.

Sabretooth later tracks Wolverine to the Arctic Circle and sets a trap for him, even nearly killing him, but Wolverine gets saved by a tribe of Inuit. Sabretooth tracks him down again and tricks a young tribesman who's jealous of Wolverine to lead him away from the village, allowing Sabretooth to burn it down and kidnap the rest of the tribe. He forces Wolverine to fight him again by threatening to kill the villagers with bombs over an ice bridge, but Wolverine and the deceived tribesman send him plunging him into a ravine.

He reappears in the episode "Weapon X, Lies & Videotape" to remember his own past alongside Wolverine, Silver Fox and Maverick. In the "Beyond Good and Evil" quadrilogy, he formed an allegiance with Apocalypse and helps kidnap Psylocke so Apocalypse could rewrite reality, but is again taken prisoner by the X-Men and escapes again afterward. At the end of "Bloodlines", he confronts his adult junior son, likely killing him offscreen.


Sabretooth: What's wrong, Wolverine? No kiss and make up?
Wolverine: Kiss this.
Sabretooth: We used to be old pals. Even worked together. But we had some little misunderstandings.
Wolverine: Yeah, right. He wasted some friends of mine for no reason, and I misunderstood?
~ Sabretooth to Wolverine.
Just let me get my claws on that senator's throat.
~ Sabretooth about the senator Kelly.
Sabretooth: I heal real fast! Lesson number one, girlie. Never trust nobody! Your powers ain't so hot if you can't use your hands.
Jubilee: But your treatments...
Sabretooth: You really think a few mealy-mouthed words from that old weakling could change me? I've been faking it. I've been waiting for the right moment.
Jubilee: So, you want an Oscar or what?
Sabretooth: I want to do what I was sent here to do, and if you don't want the life crushed out of your little body, you're going to help.
Jubilee: And what's that, dweeb?
Sabretooth: Magneto ordered me to find this place and take it over. He knew your buddies would be at Beast's trial and that wimp professor would take me in. He's got the X guy figured. You know, I'm really going to enjoy tearing this place up. Now, you get me out of this rig before I... [Jubilee frees Sabretooth's left arm] You done nice, girlie. For a reward I'll finish you off clean and fast.
Jubilee: But you said...
Sabretooth:Wolverine never should've let me live. I wish he was here so I could take care of his carcass, too.
~ Sabretooth is revealed to be an agent of Magneto.
Wolverine: Be careful what you ask for, old buddy. It just might come true. Good thing I didn't go too far away to cool off, Sabretooth. This is between you and me. Let the girl go.
Sabretooth: Whatever you say, pal.
Wolverine: So, you're doing the dirty work for Magneto now, eh? You used to backstab people for fun. What turned you into a rat-for-hire?
Sabretooth: I'd heard you'd gone soft. I was curious. I think maybe I heard right.
Wolverine: All right, you egg-sucking piece of gutter trash. You always liked pushing around people smaller than you. Well, I'm smaller! Try pushing me!
~ Sabretooth and Wolverine about to face off.
Sabretooth: I've tracked you far enough, Wolverine. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Wolverine: Sabretooth. I should've smelled you coming.
Sabretooth: You've lost it, pal. Ten years ago, I never could have got this close.
Wolverine: I can still handle punks like you.
~ Sabretooth ambushes Wolverine in the Arctic Circle.
You'll die frozen and alone. But I'll track you down, just for the pleasure of burying your bones.
~ Sabretooth.
Sabretooth: Well, well...
Graydon Creed: Sabretooth!
Sabretooth: If it ain't my son, the famous slayer of mutants!
Graydon Creed: You don't understand! No!
Sabretooth: What do you say, boy?
Graydon Creed: No!
Sabretooth: Come to papa!
Graydon Creed: No!
~ Sabretooth to his son, Graydon Creed.



  • In the comics, Sabretooth's real name is Victor Creed. So far, no other version of Sabretooth that has appeared in other TV or movie media has a different name.
  • In Weapon X, Lies and Videotape, It is shown that Sabretooth's outfit is not a costume (except for his gloves) but a physical transformation resulting from Weapon X experiments.


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