Sadao Makihara, code named Gourmet, is a member of the Sensui Seven and a major antagonist in the "Chapter Black" arc of Yu Yu Hakusho.


Sadao was instructed by Sensui to use his power of gaining other peopl's powers by eating them to eat Elder Toguro so he could gain demon's powers and use their powers for their cause. However, Toguro proved too powerful for him to control and took complete control of Gourmet's body. While doing so, Toguro forced Sadao to inflict torture upon his body and eventually kills him. Assuming Makihara's identity, Toguro assists Sensui in his plan to finish opening the portal to the demon world. At some point he devoured Murota in order to gain his mind-reading powers.

He later kidnapped Kuwabara and brought to the portals location, beneath Mushiyori City. With the portal only a half an hour away of being opened, Sensui ordered him to fight with Yusuke's companions. After revealing that he had devoured Murota to obtain his mind-reading power, Kurama decides in to fight him. Kurama manages to slice off Makihara's head above his lower jaw with his rose whip, causing Elder Toguro to emerge and reveals himself as the puppeteer behind Makihara. Toguro-Makihara was eventually defeated by Kurama, who trapped Toguro in the Sinning Tree and left him to be tortured for eternity.


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