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Welcome to my web.
~ Sadira

Sadira ("Dreamy" in Persian) is an enigmatic female fighter and a debut character in the 2013 Killer instinct reboot.


Sadira is extremely pale, she has long black hair and her eyes are also notably and unnaturally glowing yellow. Sadira wears a mulberry-colored outfit with a hood and a decorative mask. She appears to be wearing ripped stockings on her legs. In general, her clothing appears to be of a Persian or Arabian design, perhaps hinting at her nationality. She has bladed gauntlets with two talons protruding from the knuckles.


Sadira is the charismatic leader of a clan of assassins that have begun hunting down competitors in the Killer Instinct Tournament. Not much else is known.


  • Sadira is the only new playable character in the Killer Instinct franchise as of Killer Instinct (2013). However, should new characters be introduced, then she will be the first new character.

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