Sadist Gougan is a god-themed mutant and is the main antagonist in episode 11 of the 2000 TV series Mirai Sentai Timeranger.

He was voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa, who previously voiced a Vein Mask, an Iron Princess Mask, a Fireball Monster, a Pterano Mozoo, a Toad Nezire, and Zombeast.


Gougan made his first appearance when Gien released him from containment. Later that day he used a device called the Dream Breaker where it will transform any sleeping citizen into a killer mob.

Even during the day time the towns resident who were still under the influence of the machine has made every deadly weapons, bombs and method that will eliminate a Timeranger. A while later Gougan revealed himself as he was besides to his machine as he is patiently waiting for nightfall so that way everyone will begin to kill each other. However they arrived in the nick of time to stop it, but when Yuri is about to use the Volsniper to destroy the device Honami is there as well and she is in line of fire. So with no other option the team revealed themselves and as soon as they were about to deal a blow on him Gougan creates a barrier that will prevent them from destroying the device and ruin his entertainment. After that Gougan took his device to another location so he can enjoy his entertainment.

Later that night Gougan is about to witness the killing spree from to mobs until the Timerangers arrived in the nick of time as they destroy the Dream Breaker as everyone were awaken from its trance. So Gougan tried to flee but the Timeranger stops him, so he brought out the Zenitts to battle the Timerangers. After that he was then defeated by this finisher called Vector Dividing.

However he was never going in that easily as he removed the seal patch that's been located on his left shoulder to enlarge himself prompting the team to bring out TimeRobo Beta and battle him. After that they then formed TimeRobo Alpha and then he was recaptured by this finisher called Press Blizzard.

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