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Sadler is a robber baron-esque mechanical monster who is a member of the Monster Clan and an antagonist in episode 1 of Symbol of Justice Condorman.

His human identity is Joji Kuroda.

He is played by Toshiaki Nishizawa.


Sadler was one of the monsters who took part in the Monster Clan's Operation: Japan Hanger. He attempted to kill the legendary Dragon Condor, but the creature was saved by Isshin Mitsuya and Old Man Taba. As Isshin was trying to rescue the Dragon Condor's egg, Sadler fatally wounded him by shooting at him with his helicopter. However, as thanks for saving it, the Dragon Condor's baby healed Isshin and gave him the ability to become Condorman.

Sadler later took over a railyard with help from his Majin Combatants and tied two rail workers to the tracks to have a train run them over. However, the two were saved by Condorman, who then attacked Sadler and his forces. Sadler attempted to kill Condorman with his acid spray, but Condorman dodged it and caused Sadler to spray his Majin Combatants instead. Condorman then killed Sadler with his Condor Hurricane. Sadler did not explode, instead his body lay dead and bled out green liquid.

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