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Hear me, beings of Akir: I am Sador of the Malmori. I have come with my forces to conquer you. If you resist, I will crush you. I possess a stellar converter, the most powerful weapon in the universe. You cannot resist me. I want your planet to be my colony. Your harvest comes in seven risings of your red giant. I will return then, and you will accept me as your master. If you do not submit, your planet and all life on it will be burned to ash.
~ Sador

Sador of the Malmouri, simply known as Sador, is the main antagonist of the 1980 science fiction film Battle Beyond the Stars

He was portrayed by John Saxon.



Battle Beyond the Stars OFFICIAL Trailer-1

Sador lead the last remnant of an alien race known as the Malmouri. He lead a mothership equipped with a stellar converter, the most feared weapon in the galaxy. He traveled the galaxy finding planets to inhabit, and, if they fought back, he would use force to destroy all resistance, often using the stellar converter to turn entire planets into white dwarf stars. He showed satisfaction with exterminating races, at one point stating he had "the pleasure" of exterminating a species known as the Lanzoli. In addition to his military might, Sador employed a surgeon who could remove limbs from other beings (including beings of entirely different species) and attach them to Sador, allowing him to live indefinitely by transplanting limbs onto himself, often using those of unloyal or incompetent soldiers.  The film opens with Sador's ship going to the planet Akir, destroying the planet's only artificial satellite (a harmless weather satellite) for no apparent reason. He than sends down a giant hologram of his own face to tell the people of Akir that he has claimed their planet, and will return in seven days to begin colonization. As Sador went to tend to another planet, one of Akir's inhabitants left to mercenaries.

Sador found that the beings of the Planet Umateal and killed his ambassadors and turned them into ash, he responded by destroying the world with the Stellar converter. When he returned to the planet Akir, he found the inhabitants, along with a motley crew of interstellar warriors fighting for a variety of reasons, prepared to resist him.