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Sagomon is a minor villain in Digimon Fusion.


Sagomon is an Ultimate Level Digimon that resembles a parody of Kamemon's Ultimate form, Shawjamon from Digimon Data Squad, and wields the same staff as Shawjamon.

Digimon Fusion

Sagomon appeared from DigiQuartz, where he kidnapped several human children who were depressed and suicidal. Arresterdramon then fought Sagomon, but Arresterdramon easily became overwhelmed by Sagomon, until Tagiru fused Arresterdramon with MetalTyrannomon's body and and continued to attack Sagomon. With the help of OmegaShoutmon, Taiki's partner, Arresterdramon finished Sagomon off, defeating him and captured by Tagiru.

Later, Sagomon redeemed himself by being used by Tagiru by combining powers with Ballistamon to wake up Volcdramon.


  • Kouyouhoujou: Kamon no Jin
  • Kouyouhoujou: Taki no Jin
  • Getsugazan