Saika and Ushio Gasai are posthumous characters in the anime/manga series Mirai Nikki. They are the deceased adoptive parents of Yuno Gasai and the ones responsible for her madness. Saika is the mother while Ushio is the father.

Saika is voiced by Kikuko Inoue in the Japanese version of the anime and Anastasia Munoz in the English version, while Ushio is voiced by Eiji Miyashita in the Japanese version and Christopher Sabat in the English version.


Years before the series timeline, Ushio and Saika, decided to adopt Yuno as they were unable to have children of their own for unknown reasons. However, Ushio became very busy with his work and spent little time with his family, prompting a lonely and sorrowful Saika to become more and more strict towards Yuno, taking her frustration out on her. Although Yuno endured it thinking her family would be loving once more, at a certain point she had enough of it and trapped the two of them in the same cage she was abused, thinking that suffering the same would make them the loving parents she wanted them to be. He is presumed to have died out of starvation and/or dehydration, since he was denied proper feeding. The love he failed to give and his own death served as one of the main reasons for Yuno's insanity.

Even dead he serves a major importance within the series, as his death proves a major focus regarding Yuno, in particular, that Akise Aru would investigate Yuno, and that Yukiteru Amano would start doubting Yuno believing her to point of believing her to be a psychopath.

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