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Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi are two of Galaxia most loyal minions. Phi appears first in Act 45, Volume 16 to report Aluminum Seiren's failure to Galaxia. Chi appears later with Phi in Act 48, Volume 17. The two call Lethe and Mnemosyne useless, and then kill them. Phi then raises her staff to attack Eternal Sailor Moon, but ChibiChibi raises her own staff to shield her. Chi raises her own staff, and the unconscious Starlights' Sailor Crytals are exposed and taken, killing them. In Act 49, Volume 18, at Galaxia Palace, Chi and Phi kneel before Galaxia and show her the Sailor Crystals of Lethe, Mnemosyne, and the Starlights. The five Crystals float into the larger Garden Crystal, where she has collected all of the Sailor Crystals thus far. She then combines the power of the Garden Crystal with her own Sapher Crystal to become more powerful. Later, just before the senshi reach the Galaxia Palace, they are confronted by Chi and Phi. The two attempt to destroy the senshi, but Princess Kakyuu transforms into Sailor Kakyuu to prevent this from happening. Phi uses her "Galactica Plants Blizzard" attack, but Eternal Sailor Moon counters with "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss" and kills her. An angry Chi in turn kills Sailor Kakyuu by stabbing her through the heart. Eternal Sailor Moon then kills Chi. Chi and Phi are not Animamates. They are in charge of the Animamates, and they are the messengers of Galaxia, keeping her informed as to the progress and performance of the Animamates. They are called the Star Gardeners because they guard the Star Garden just outside of Galaxia's palace, where they cultivate the Sailor crystals they have collected. Sailor Chi's hair comes down in one long strand across her face, and she wears a lighter outfit than Phi with pants and a covered midriff. Sailor Phi's hair comes down in two long strands in the back, and wears a darker outfit with pants and a showing midriff. Sailor Chi is often called Sailor X because the Greek letter "Chi" is an X. However, "Sailor X" is considered a fanfiction character, and Chi should never be called Sailor X unless the Greek character of "Chi" is understood.


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