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Sailor Lead Crow.jpg
Have you ever had a rival before? I did, and she was my best friend.
~ Sailor Lead Crow to Sailor Tin Nyanko about Sailor Aluminum Siren.
Is this really how I'm going to die?! Siren, forgive me!
~ Sailor Lead Crow's last words before being swallowed up by the black hole.

Sailor Lead Crow appears in episode 182 alongside Aluminum Seiren . She was sent to watch over and guide Seiren, who she calls her biggest rival, although the two are actually very close friends. Lead Crow is the more serious of the pair, and tells her partner what to do, and tries to push her forward in her mission, looking after her to assure her success. In her civilian form, she is known as Akane Karasuma. She loves shiny things, but she has a very pragmatic personality, always strategizing and thinking. After Aluminum Seiren is killed by Galaxia for her repeated failures, Lead Crow is paired with Tin Nyanko, and the two intensely dislike each other. Lead crow finds a journal left behind by Aluminum Seiren, which reveals Sailor Moon's identity. In episode 193, Lead Crow confronts Sailor Moon and exposes her Starseed. She then threatens the senshi with a vial containing a black hole. When Tin Nyanko sees that Sailor Moon's Starseed has appeared, she comes out of hiding and attacks Lead Crow, causing her to drop the vial and create the black hole. Crow is then sucked into the hole, dying as Tin Nyanko laughs and escapes. Lead Crow's seiyuu is Chiharu Suzuka. MANGA Lead Crow appears in Act 45, Volume 16, at the Hikawa Jinja Shrine. She attacks Rei's crows, Phobos and Deimos (the guardians of Sailor Mars) with her "Galactica Tornado" attack in order to take their Sailor Crystals. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus appear and fight against the Animamate, but are almost defeated. Sailor Moon finally appears and destroys Lead Crow with her "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss' attack. It is later revealed that in order for Lead Crow to gain her powers, she killed Sailor Coronis, the senshi of her home planet, and stole her Sailor Crystal for Galaxia. Galaxia had promised her that she would eventually receive a Sailor Crystal of her own and become a true Sailor Soldier. Coronis is also the planet from which Phobos and Deimos originated. Because her part in the manga is so small, her personality is not developed, and her motivations are unclear. The Materials Collection states that she manipulates rot, likes shiny things, and that she is a sadist.

She was voiced by Chiharu Suzuka in the Japanese version, and by Debi Mae West in the English verision.


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