Saitine, also known as "Satan", is a minor character from the Disney animated film Wreck-It Ralph. He is avillain or boss in one of the games of Litwak's Arcade who is based on the Biblical ruler of Hell. He is a regular member of the support group Bad-Anon.

In the Movie

Saitine is a member of Bad-Anon, alongside several other gaming villains. He is one of the most welcoming attendees towards Ralph, congratulating him on his 30th anniversary. After the meeting is over, Saitine pats Ralph on the shoulder and giving him reassurance to "hang in there" as the group leaves.

He makes a final appearance at Felix and Sergeant Calhoun's wedding.


Saitine has a tall, muscular physique and sharp, chiseled features. His skin is bright red, and his most noticeable characteristic is his pair of long, curved black horns on his head. He additionally has two smaller sets of horns in the middle of his head and protruding from his chin, resembling a goatee. Similarly, he has long black nails or claws. Saitine's facial features are very gaunt, with high cheekbones, a skeletal nose, and sunken bright yellow eyes. He also has long, pointed ears. Saitine wears a purple cape decorated with what appears to be raven feathers, and a large metal plate lies across his chest. He wears rugged navy pants and boots. Saitine is always seen carrying his large, gothic-style black pitchfork.



  • He was actually the titular main villain of the 1982 shoot 'em up arcade game called "Satan's Hollow".
  • He was voiced by Martin Jarvis.
  • According to his picture in Tapper, his name is spelled Satan but pronounced "Sah-teen". In the film's end credits, his name is spelled "Saitine".
  • Saitine does not seem to map directly on to an existing character, and may represent demon or Devil-like characters in general.
  • In the movie's Russian dub, when Ralph calls him "Сатана" ("Satan"), Saitine corrects him, saying "Я Дьявол Третий, с патчем" ("I am Devil the Third, with a patch"). This is a reference to Diablo III, a game released several months before the film.


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