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Sakkakumon is a minor antagonist in Digimon Frontier and Digimon Fusion and a major antagonist in Digimon Adventure (2020).


Sakkakumon is a Beast Hybrid Level Digimon that resembles the Hebrew depiction of God, whose spheres are substituted with multiple eyeballs. Sakkakumon is capable of rearranging his orbs to suit various purposes, such as his attack mode where the orbs group together into a single cluster. While having to move on ground, the orbs rearrange themselves in a string sequence to form a serpent-like beast. The top Sphere is his head which sports the same red lips found on his human spirit and two beady black eyes. The dark sphere in the center is where all of his recorded information is stored and also happens to be his weak spot.


Digimon Frontier

Initially, Mercurymon uses Sakkakumon to entrap the DigiDestined within him to engage in psychological warfare. When the DigiDestined escape, he reveals that he used the opportunity to analyze the other Warriors' fighting abilities, and Sakkakumon is now able to use their attacks. At first, he overpowers them, but they soon find his weaknesses are his inability to defend against combined attacks and that his central Tiferet sphere cannot attack. Exploiting them allows the DigiDestined to win and purify Sakkakumon.

Digimon Fusion

Sakkakumon was one of the Digimon that emerged from the DigiQuartz. He took the form of a carnival. It was revealed that Sakkakumon did this to kidnap the children inside him forever. With the help of Bakomon, Arresterdramon was able to defeat Sakkakumon (and his minon Jokermon) and release the children. When Sakakkumon was defeated Tagiru was able to capture him along with his minion Jokermon.

Digimon Adventure (2020)

Sakkakumon appears, sent by Millenniummon to capture the DigiDestined and their Digimon partners. He sucked Tai, Matt, Izzy, and T.K. along with their Digimon partners into a strange dimension, forcing them to fight copies of their past opponents they defeated, including Devimon, who was resurrected with a new body after his previous defeat (and is revealed to have a connection with Angemon). Angemon fights with Devimon and absorbs him back into his body, Digivolving to MagnaAngemon for the first time and defeats the sphere of Sakkakumon, freeing Tai, Matt, and Izzy and their Digimon partners. Upon his defeat, Sakkakumon recreates his sphere, collecting the data from the Digimon partners.

Upon the arriving at FAGA, Sakkakumon creates Machinedramon to attack the Digidestined. WarGreymon and Tai stand aside to fight Machinedramon while the other Digidestined and their partners escort to safety.

While the Vademon were preparing to revive Millenniummon, Sakkakumon Digivolves to an incomplete white version of Kimeramon and creates Gryphonmon to attack Yamato and MetalGarurumon. Kimeramon now completed, fuses with Moon=Millenniummon who revives as Millenniummon.

After Millenniummon was destroyed, Sakkakumon’s data was destroyed as well.

Digimon Xros Wars (manga)

An army of Sakkakumon are members of the Twilight Army. They serve as minion towards Lilithmon.

Powers and Abilities

Sakkakumon can copy his opponent's attacks and use them to attack his enemies. In Digimon Adventure (2020), he can copy the data of previously defeated evil Digimon.


  • Rumble Blend #1-10

Known copied attacks

  • Thunder Fist
  • Hurricane Wave
  • Blizzard Blaster
  • Thunder Fist Reflection
  • Hurricane Wave Reflection
  • Atomic Inferno
  • Avalanche Axes
  • Pyro Tornado
  • Bolo Thunder
  • Spin Caliper
  • Hard Rock Damashī
  • Mantis Dance

Digimon inside Sakkakumon

Digimon copied from Sakkakumon



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