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Sakon is a minor antagonist in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


Sakon is a thief from Ikana, having a hideout full of stolen goods behind a huge boulder that only he can move. Prior to the game's events, he attacked Kafei after Skull Kid cursed him into the form of a child, and stole his Sun Mask while he was on his way to seek assistance from the Great Fairy.

On the night of the First Day, Sakon can be found in North Clock Town behind the slide. He will shoo away Link if he talks to him. At midnight, when the old lady from the Bomb Shop walks into town, Sakon pushes her down and steals her Bomb Bag. Link can retrieve the bag by attacking Sakon with his sword, prompting Sakon to flee and the old lady rewarding Link with the Bomb Mask, but if Link shoots Sakon with an arrow, the hookshot, or an explosive device, the bomb bag explodes and kills Sakon.

If Sakon manages to steal the bag, he will sell it to the Curiosity Shop starting the next night. He might be seen outside of the shop complaining about the man running the shop was unfair for not giving him a fair share. Sakon can later be seen in Ikana Canyon trotting in circles. When interacted with, he will ask Link to give him his sword, but Tatl chases him off.

In the Kafei and Anju sidequest, Link and Tatl agree to help Kafei reclaim the Sun Mask that Sakon stole from him. With Link and Tatl's help, Kafei tracks Sakon's hideout in Ikana Canyon behind a large rock. Upon entering the hideout, Kafei accidentally steps on a switch that activates a conveyor belt the Sun Mask was on, sending it towards a hole for Sakon to make his escape. If Kafei and Link can solve the multiple puzzles in the lair, they can reclaim the mask before Sakon escapes.


Sakon is a ruthless thief who shows no pity for the people he mugs and steals from; even if they happen to be innocent old women and children. He shows a faux affability towards others he attempts to steal from as shown when he politely asks Link to see his sword. When Link and Kafei confront him in his hideout, his first instinct was to make his escape.


  • Like most of the NPCs from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sakon's design is based on a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, with Sakon being based on the Man Carrying Sack located in Hyrule Castle Town.
  • If Sakon spots Link waiting outside of his hideout, he will run away, thus rendering his hideout inaccessible; however, in the original N64 version and its ports, there is a glitch where Link can slip through the crack between the door and the wall and still see Kafei show up inside. This was fixed in the 3DS version.


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