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Hahaha! No, no. This is the real me. All that was an act! ♪ You fool you, to fool everyone. ♪ Ahaha. Funny. No one noticed. Not that I wanted them to, but... Oh well, it's so easy to deceive that princess... ♪
~ Sal revealing his true nature.
Come here, Wadanohara. I'll wake you up..
~ Sal before trying to rape Wadanohara in order to extract her memories.

Shiranami (in Japanese: 白波), or better known as Sal or Syake-san, is the posthumous main antagonist in the 2013 videogame Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. (as well as the 2020 re-release of the same name.)

He originally was thought to work for the Sea Kingdom until he was revealed to be a cunning and manipulative traitor working for the Sea of Death, in order to release Princess Mikotsu and full the sea of infinite madness, terrorism and death.

He takes two forms in the game, shifting between both as he wishes. Sal is also the elder twin brother of Samekichi, son of Old and Namikaze, and the late uncle of Minami.


In his shark form, he appears as a white shark with oval-shaped red eyes and white pupils. He has a slight blush visible underneath his eyes and he is almost always smiling.

Upon revealing his true motives, in his humanoid form his sclera turns red and blood begins to drip from both eyes and his scalp. in his shark form his pupils turn black and he also grows four arm like limbs from below his fins.

In his humanoid form, Sal appears to be remarkably similar to Samekichi. His white hair is slightly long and messy and his dorsal fin protrudes from the top of his head. He wears a white suit accented with light gray. Six buttons are visible along the front of his suit. His shirt is dark gray and his tie is black. He also wears white pants, black shoes and black gloves.

When he was young and before he was corrupted, he had originally blue eyes and a blue kimono with black sandals, switching to a black kimono the more he was corrupted.

In the alternative universe, he wears a gray turtleneck sweater, a dark brown jacket, and light brown pants.


From his early life, as stated below, he was a innocent and normal person, he and Samekichi both got along well, until his mother died from battling depression, which corrupted him and destroyed his mind.

At the beginning of the game, he seems to have an innocent, very kind, and warm personality. However, after he reveals his position as the ambassador of the Sea of Death, his true nature is exposed. He is psychotic, narcissistic, sadomasochistic, violent and mentally unstable. He is also shown to be a sore loser when things don't go his way but not only that, Sal is also proven to be a total coward and a weakling, since he didn't have the guts to kill anyone in a fight and instead he leaves Wadanohara to die of blood loss by stabbing her and running away to his own fate and left defenseless, confirming that Sal can also be easily defeated.

He has a deep, twisted love for Wadanohara, paralleling his brother's deep and honest love for her. He seems to be quite jealous of Samekichi, saying things like "Is he that good to you?" and getting visibly shaken after Wadanohara mentions Samekichi. Sal also possibly shows some misogynistic views.



Before the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Sal born as Shiranami, he was a normal person who resided in a family with his brother and Namikaze his mother along with Namiho in a island, he and Samekichi both got along during this time but however Namikaze was battling depression until the depression took over causing her to commit suicide offscreen. Following Namikaze's suicide, this was one of Sal's motives on joining the Sea of Death, sinking his soul and corrupting and destroying his mind and personality into darkness and becoming corrupted by Mikotsu.

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

During the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Sal isn't Seen until Deep Sea Town, He compliments Wadanohara and talks to her for a bit, later in the late game, when the war broke out where Princess Tosatsu surrenders, Sal destroys the pearl as part of his plan, Sal shows his true nature, and he starts a war, leading to both Blue Sea and Tosatsu kingdom to fend off for themselves

In the final parts of the game, Wadanohara does nothing which upset Sal leading him to stab Wadanohara and leaves her to die of blood loss and Sal runs off to save his own skin, with Sal thinking he can get away with it, however it backfires as Samekichi intercepts and excutes Sal under his own request to be executed, Samekichi accepted, the screen then turns black with Samekichi executing Sal (possibly by beheading him with the sword or slaughtering him) offscreen, Sal finally dies for all of what he have done, crippling the Sea of Death's power, rendering the Sea of Death leaderless which also placing a end to the psychotic sadomasochist and his reign of terror for good. This also resulted into a victory for the Blue Sea and Tosatsu kingdom. and leading the Sea of Death Kingdom to be destroyed for good.

Even after Sal died, Wadanohara has developed PTSD after the events of the game, but thankfully she managed to quickly recovered from it and made a full recovery from the stab wound.

Sal is implied to be cremated after his death, along with his father Old.

Normal End 1

Wadanohara trusts Sal, resulting Sal to rape her after knocking her out, converting Wadanohara to his side. He later imprisoned Samekichi where he possibly died of Starvation and Samekichi was possibly eaten, later the Sea of Death won the war, resulting the Sea of Death to take over the Blue Sea.

Normal End 2

Wadanohara would sacifice herself with her father's staff which permanently sealed the Sea of Death resulting the Sea of Death to be destroyed and its residents to die, possibly by starvation, Samekichi possibly commits suicide after that.


Not much is told about by Deep Sea Prisoner on what happened after Sal's defeat and death, one can assume that after the events of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, after peace was restored in post-war, Sal was remembered as a terrorist and a traitor, and was posthumously disowned by both Uomihime's Court and the Great Blue Sea, Samekichi is later found innocent, long after the war and Sal's death, Wadanohara had become pregnant and gave birth to her son Minmai (posthumously making Sal a uncle).

In the epilogue, Samekichi talks to Namiho (the aunt of Sal and Samekichi) and possibly gave the urn with Sal's ashes, as he explains that he failed to save Sal's soul and had to end his life, While Namiho explains that she should be the one that's sorry, Namiho comes to her sister's grave, shows aggression towards Sal and berates him, and leaves the two while telling them both to rest at last, its implied after that, Namiho placed the urn containing Sal's along with Old's ashes in a secure place.


True, yes! ♪ You wouldn't understand just telling you out of the blue... Ahahahaha..... ♪
~ Sal
I love that about you, Wadanohara... ♪
~ Sal in the bonus room.
Is he that good to you?
~ Sal berating Samekichi to Wadanohara.
This is from when I was different from my current self. A beautiful stone I took from the beach. The night I saw the shine of this stone, my mother killed herself. After I saw that moment, I was no longer myself. So I decided to forget everything, even my name and my past...
~ Sal's boss item.
~ Sal's last words in his dying breath after he was killed by Samekichi.





  • Sal's name in the original Japanese version of the game is "Syake-san", Syake meaning salmon.
    • However, despite whatever variation it is, this is said to be a nickname, that -Reboot- shows that his birthname is Shiranami.
  • In the game, it was believed that after Mikostu was sealed, an ambassador of the Sea of Death will arrive, for years, no one could find them, but he was there all along.
  • As stated in the physical copy of the manga volume one, his favorite color is red, his favorite food is seaweed and sweet white things, and his specialty is long-distance swimming and having a cute appeal.
  • As of September 7th, 2017, Sal has been ranked on the eleventh place on the Deep Sea Prisoner popularity poll.
  • Sal doesn't have a character portrait for his humanoid form.
  • As in shown the bonus scene The promise that couldn't be kept Sal didn't shown to have a tombstone next to Namikaze, it's mostly implied that Sal was cremated after his death and the urn with his ashes being given to Namiho, as in to prevent the Sea of Death having a new leader.
  • It's unknown how Sal found the Sea of Death.
    • It's also unknown if it's sealed or not.
  • For unfair reasons, Sal is immune to damage when fighting him.
  • By release order, Sal is the third antagonist, but however Sal is the final antagonist in the Deep Sea Prisoner's RPG Maker 2000 games.
  • Sal is so far of the most darkest and hated antagonist in the Deep Sea Prisoner universe, due to one disturbing scene when he rapes Wadanohara, framing his own brother, manipulating Princess Tosatsu, poisoning both Tatsumiya and Cherryblod, terrorizing the Blue Sea and lack of redeeming qualities.
  • If Namikaze's suicide never happened, the events of the game will never happen as that Mikostu is still sealed, Tatsumiya and Cherryblod would be healthy, Tosatsu wouldn't kill Uomi and Sal would be the same person when he was young.
  • In the original verison before the remake's Sal's fate was unknown, he originally was going to evade justice and get away with his crimes but was undone when the remake came as Deep Sea Prisoner reveals that Sal did not got away with his crimes and was punished as shown in the bonus scene At the end of the hate, making him the third main antagonist to die.
    • Also before the remake, Sal's past was unknown, the closest was he was corrupted at youth, but this was solved when -Reboot- came it reveals that his mother died is one of his motives in the bonus scene "Memories".
  • Sal has ears like his brother.
  • Even if Sal succeeded on killing Wadanohara, he would be executed by Uomihime's Court (if Samekichi arrested Sal) or Samekichi (as Samekichi would execute him in a more violent way) for committing the ultimately blasphemous action of Destroying the cast pearl along with starting and a war and his other crimes. So either way, Sal would still die no matter what.
  • Like King mogeko, Sal is very weak and cowardly and can easily be defeated.
  • As stated by Samekichi in the epilogue, as he stated that he could of saved Sal, which would lead Sal to redemption. But it was too late as his mind was destroyed, which gave Samekichi no choice to execute him.
    • It's possible that some players sympathized Sal's backstory and wanted him to be redeemed.
    • One possible reason why Sal didn't redeemed himself was the worst scene to ensure to the audience to make him more hated, and that he deserved what he got in a bonus scene (being beheaded or slaughtered by Samekichi with the sword offscreen).

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