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Sal (fish form)

Sal is the hidden main antagonist in the game Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He originally was thought to work for the Sea Kingdom until he was revealed to be a traitor working for the Sea of Death. He takes two forms in the game, shifting between both as he wishes.


In his shark form, Sal appears to be an albino shark with red eyes and blush. Once he had revealed the Sea of Death, his blush had gone away and his eyes appeared to have dripped with blood, and four arm-looking limbs were protruding from his tail. In his normal form, he has a striking resemblance of Samekichi, only he wears an all white suit, and has white hair and red eyes.


At first, Sal appears to be cheerful and kind, letting Wadanohara ride on him while he swims sometimes. However, he is shown to be psychotic and blood-thirsty, as he is from the Sea of Death. He wanted to dearly to be with Wadanohara and for her to love him, even to the point where he manipulated her to become a member of the Sea of Death, as shown in first Normal End.

(This could also be interpreted as the implied sexual assault warning given on vgperson's translation.)

Sal has also been mentioned to be Samekichi's brother in various omake artworks, and, in one, was mentioned to be the elder of the two. Their past together is unknown, but Sal accepts the fact they are two totally different beings, and most likely sees himself as the superior brother.


  • Sal's name in the original Japanese version of the game is "Syake-san", Syake meaning salmon.
    • However, despite whatever variation it is, this is said to be a nickname-- his actual name is unknown.
  • Revealed in one of Mogeko's OMAKEs, it has stated that Old is Sal's (as well as Samekichi's) father. Simply translated to "He's Samekichi and Syake's father, but no one knows this (Not even [Old])".


Theme Music

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea OST - It Was Meee!

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea OST - It Was Meee!

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CAMeLIA Dance of Death Wadanohara OST

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