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Sal Gravina is the hidden antagonist of the Mafia II DLC Pack The Betrayal of Jimmy, and the central antagonist of its sequel Jimmy's Vendetta. He is the don of the Gravina crime family, a powerful criminal organisation in Empire Bay.


Sal Gravina was once the trusted employer of the protagonist Jimmy, as well as being a close ally. Gravina hires Jimmy to take out his rivals in Empire Bay in order for him to become the most powerful crime lord in the city. Jimmy complies and commits the acts, but ends up being set up by Gravina which results in Jimmy being arrested. Gravina's co-conspirator and boss Judge Hillwood sentences Jimmy to 15 years in prison, with their intentions for him to be whacked inside.

Jimmy manages to escape from prison during a riot, and returns to Empire Bay. He begins to take down Sal's operation, such as killing off his lieutenants and having his brother Tiny Gravina sent to prison, severally crippling Gravina's organisation.

With the net closing in, Gravina and his remaining henchmen flee to the docks and await Jimmy's arrival. Jimmy guns his way through the guards, and ends up getting involved in a firefight with Gravina. Gravina ends up being gunned down and killed by Jimmy, bringing an end to the Gravina crime family.

Following this, Jimmy later kills Judge Hillwood; finally succeeding in his revenge.


  • Sal's model is reused from a mobster that worked for Frank Vinci in the main Mafia II game. Although during the boss fight at the docks, his appearance is taken from a random pedestrian.
  • The model for Sal is used for Judge Hillwood.
  • He resides in the same mansion that Leo Galante lives in during the Mafia II campaign.


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