Salaga is a villain Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission series, first appearing in the Shadow Dragon Saga. Salaga is the Majin Berserker and has a deep knowledge of the history of the Majins.


Salaga appears to Kabra - the Majin Hero - in the Sacred World of the Kais when Kabra arrives there to find the Shadow Dragons. Salaga reveals the history of the Majins to Kabra (who he mistakenly called "Nobra") before challenging him to a fight, although Kabra did not want to but Salaga did not care, and, revealing Eis Shenron's Dragon Ball on his head piece and noting the existence of Kabra's Neko Majin Abra, laughed manically as he summoned Kid Buu, Piccolo, and two Super Buus (Base and Gohan absorbed) and prepared to fight.


When in the Heroes universe, Salaga can summon copies of several Dragon Ball heroes and villains to aid him, up to four per battle.

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