Salamandes is the fifth born child of the demon Grandiene and a major antagonist from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive.


The last of Grandiene's children, Drop is cast into the mortal world to be cared for by Pierre and Grandiene's other children. When Zylpheeza is killed in battle, his powers are transferred into Drop which caused him to pupate while soul wandered among humans in the form of an antisocial boy. But once the soul returns to his body, the newly matured Salamandes is born and takes command of the Psyma, proving not to kind to his siblings as his predecessor had while having their mother's favor until he lost the Infinity Card.


Ghost King Salamandes

Salamandes attempted to employ the Gatekeeper Chaos to seal the Go-Go V in Hell to be mauled by the Psyma Beasts they killed. But when Chaos's means to keep the monsters from attacking them is destroyed, Salamandes finds himself betrayed by Grandine as she takes the key and destroys the gate. Furious with intend to kill both the Go-Go V and his mother, Salamandes manages to escape Hell by absorbing the destroyed Psyma Beasts. But Salamandes meets his end against Victory Mars.

However, after the destruction of her body, Grandiene resurrects Salamandes from the star and gave him a mindless Zylpheeza to aid him. But Salamandes’s plans were thrown out of whack when Zylpheeza regained his mind, forced to kill his older brother before getting killed himself. Salamandes's death enables Grandiene to possess him and transform him into one her Destroyer vessels.


  • While named after a salamander, Salamandes also represents the Leo constellation in retrospect to the 1999 Grand Cross.

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