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Sally Spode is a fictional character and supporting antagonist of the long-running ITV British soap opera Emmerdale. She appeared as a major antagonist in 2009 and 2010. In her storyline, Sally is the ex-lover of established character Ashley Thomas who tries to kill his wife Laurel just so she can have Ashley all to herself.

She was portrayed by Sian Reeves.


Sally Spode first came to Emmerdale in 2009 where she reacquainted herself with her ex-lover Ashley Thomas, who was not only surprised to see Sally but also shocked to learn that she had been married to his one-time vicar rival Vincent Spode. Tensions soon rose between Sally and Vincent to the point where she sought Ashley for comfort, and he later warned Vincent to stay away from her under the assumption that he had been mistreating Sally.

As time goes on Ashley allows Sally to move into his home. However, it later turns out that Sally had in fact been lying about Vincent's character and in reality she had been setting him up in order to get herself close to Ashley in a bid to recoup their once broken relationship. Soon enough, Sally's unhinged and aggressive behavior grows evident without Ashley's knowledge to the stage where she begins to target his wife Laurel out of envy. She locks Laurel in the church and sets it on fire before leaving her for dead, but Zak Dingle rescues her and Laurel starts to become suspicious of the way Sally has been acting out lately.

Eventually, Laurel discovers Sally's plan and attempts to warn Ashley to no avail. Sally later managed to drive Laurel apart from Ashley by exploiting the circumstances of Laurel's state of mind to the state where she leaves Ashley for disbelieving her theories. Both Laurel's father Doug Potts and best-friend Nicola King learn of what Sally has been doing and they each try to back up Laurel's statement to Ashley to no avail, and in the meantime Sally attempts to further ensnare Ashley by forging a companionship with his longtime friend Edna Birch.

In 2010, Ashley finally learns the truth about Sally and forces her to leave his house. Sally complies but retaliates by vandalizing Ashley's house. She then begins to cause trouble by stalking Ashley and Laurel, kidnapping Edna's dog, abducting Nicola's daughter Angelica, and denting the car that belonged to Doug's girlfriend Diane Sugden. Later on, Sally encounters Ashley and drugs him into going to bed with her for them to have sex. When Ashley recuperates, he tells Laurel what had happened and they report Sally to the police. Sally again confronts the couple and declares that Ashley loves her, not Laurel. Thereupon she reveals her crimes to them before going to lash out, but Laurel subdues Sally and contemplates on shoving her off the balcony - only to instead refrain herself in order to prove that she is better than Sally altogether.

In the end, Laurel reconciles with Ashley and they watch as Sally gets arrested by the police. Ashley later learns and informs everyone that Sally has been sectioned and declared mentally ill by the authorities.



  • She made a total of 83 appearances throughout her time on the show.