Salomé was an Egos American branch officer who came to Japan to aid Hedder with her super strength. She is one of the supporting antagonists in Battle Fever J.


Salomé was originally brought to Japan by Commander Hedder, who saw her as a powerful ally to have for facing down Battle Fever in combat. In her first battle, she easily stands down against the team and even protects Hedder from the heros' Penta-Force, being enough to prove to Satan Egos of her value to the team.

Although mostly notable for her physical strength in the early missions, Salomé eventually became the main field commander of Egos as their mission against Battle Fever goes on, leading the Cutmen and Egos Monsters in combat. She also ends up leading to the departure of both of Battle Fever's major departures. When she worked alongside the Dracula Monster in kidnapping the sister of Diane Martin, Salomé lead to the first Miss America to become weakened to the point of sacrificing her powers to replacement Maria Nagisa. Further, she lead an army of Cutmen to attack Kensaku Shiraishi, the first Battle Cossack, in broad daylight, leading to his murder and his replacement by Makoto Jin.

After Hedder ends up dying trying to take down his rival General Kurama Tetsuzan, Salomé is used in the final scheme of Satan Egos for the downfall of Battle Fever, using a disguise to lure the team to Egos' headquarters in order to be trapped inside the Monster-Making Machine. When Battle Fever destroy the machine, Satan Egos' power to grow ends up trapping Salome in rubble within the collapsing headquarters, she is ultimately killed as the building collapses around her.


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