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Salt is one of the secondary antagonists of the Garlic Jr. Saga of the members of the Spice Boys in Dragon Ball Z.

He was voiced by the late Tetsuo Mizutori and currently by Yasuhiro Takato in Dragon Ball Heroes in the Japanese version, and by Dylan Thompson in the English Funimation dubbed version.


He has a short, a red humanoid has a long ears with pointed whiskers, a small vampire with the two teeth inside of the mouth upper, and a small peduncule with the two appendages comes in at the both sides in the jawbone. He wore a brown hat with the Mongolian-style which has a cone cap in the case of condiment bottle (it has a same wears, during has a smallest, beige at his color, and a pair of adorned with the small horns), yellow collar fur has a ended at the long tail. He has a dark green jacket who similar to be a Frieza Force soldier, it has a black and light green abdominal section and shoulder guards. He has a green shirt that over goes of the same shade. He also wears a white gloves, light blue pants, and brown and white boots.


Salt is the members of the Spice Boys and one of the Demons in the Makyo Star that goes along with Spice, Mustard and Vinegar that under Garlic Jr.. He assists after defeating Kami by Garlic Jr. for The Lookout and heading on to Kame House with the Spice Boys to kidnapped Gohan to an attempt from Garlic Jr.'s orders. While Piccolo will fighting with Salt and the other Spice Boys.

However, Salt and Mustard battle against Gohan and Krillin to stop The Lookout. He battle with Gohan almost defeated. While Salt perform Ki Blasts from the young Saiyan, Krillin jump into the way and using damage outstand. As this point to take of with his pain with his parther, Gohan attack and kill Salt and Masenko.



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