Salumeh Farooq

Salumeh Farooq is the main antagonist from "Dishonor," episode 8.18 of CSI: Miami.

She was played by Necar Zadegan.

Salumeh Farooq is the wife of Rahim Farooq and the mother of their daughter, Maya, who was dating Iraq War vet Brian Nassir. Maya had confided in Salumeh regarding the relationship, as she believed that her father would immensely disprove. Their fears were correct, as Rahim had arranged Maya to be married to another man, and he set out to kill his daughter for breaking their tradition.

Fearing for her daughter's safety, Salumeh followed Rahim to Brian's garage, where a violent confrontation took place. Rahim was found burned to death at the garage, with both Brian and Maya as suspects. However, it was revealed that Rahim was only left unconscious by the couple, who ran off afterwards. Salumeh found her husband, who berated her for "corrupting" their daughter. With the fear that Rahim would kill Maya, Salumeh doused him with gasoline and set him on fire, while tearfully watching as her husband burned to death.

Salumeh's high heels revealed her as the killer, as high heel prints were found in the ash. Maya's heels were deemed too thick for the prints, while Salumeh's were a match. Salumeh confessed to killing her husband, stating that she didn't want to put Maya through any hardship or torment. She was later arrested, but not before embracing Maya one more time.