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Salunga is the secondary antagonist of the 2021 anime series Godzilla: Singular Point. He is a giant reptilian like ape Kaiju who just like Godzilla and Rodan, can manipulate the red dust.


He resembles a combination of the Showa-era monsters Baragon and Gabara. Like Gabara, he has warty green skin, a beige underbelly, a cat-like muzzle, and horns running along the top of his head, but lacks the red lock of hair. Much like Baragon, he has a long tail, a larger forward facing horn on his forehead, and a paired row of golden plates running down the length of his back. He also has additional, fungus-like plates on his shoulders and scutes on his hind feet and fingers, and his eyes are white in color. He has arms with three long fingers and opposable thumbs. His posture is much like that of a primate, having long arms, relatively short legs, and a prominently hunched back. This makes him capable of walking both bipedally and quadrupedally, and allows him to be an adept climber. Salunga can also retract his lips to reveal his gums and teeth in an intimidation display, similar to the real life Gelada Baboon.


While researching the caverns of the SHIVA Union Compound faculty, A team of workers led by Bearch Byrne discovered Salunga in a large mass of red dust. As They make their way back to the entrance, Salunga begins to climb on the staircase to escape but was temporarily stop by the security doors that sealed him in the cavern. Salunga would later break out of the security doors, but SHIVA’s forces attempt to slow him down by putting explosives on the staircases. BB uses the Orthogonal Diagnolizer on Salunga, immobilizing him in the process. Salunga would later disappear and begins attacking a nearby city, but is immobilized again by SHIVA’s forces using the Orthogonal Diagnolizer. He would later free himself after the crystals begin collapsing. He would begin making his way to SHIVA for the Super dimensional calculator, and this time he withstands the Orthogonal Diagnolizer. He seemingly kills Tilda as he breaches the facility and goes down the tunnel he was trapped in. While he begins wrecking the Dimensional Calculator, Mei Kamino, Pero 2, Lina, and BB attempt to find the code for the Orthogonal Diagnolizer using the calculator to stop the catastrophe. Salunga is seemingly killed by the OD when Jet Jaguar sacrifices itself to defeat Godzilla.