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Oh, Mother Miranda... If it's for you, I'd do anything!
~ Salvatore Moreau.
This is MY territory! And I won't let you leave!
~ Salvatore right after blocking Ethan's way out with his enzymes.
Damn you! H-Help me! Mother! MAAAAAAAA-
~ Moreau's last words, right before he explodes.

Salvatore Moreau is a major antagonist in Resident Evil Village. He is one of the four lords to serve Mother Miranda along with Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Donna Beneviento. He lives at Moreau's Reservoir, which acts as his ground for experiments and source for water.

He was voiced by Taisuke Nishimura in Japanese and Jesse Pimentel in English, the latter having also voiced Lucas Baker in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.



Not much is known about Salvatore's past, but he is a member of the Moreau family, a noble family that made alliances with the Dimitrescu, Beneviento, and Heisenberg family in the village. It's also implied that he or his family are physicians, as his reservoir has a clinic stationed there. He was kidnapped by Miranda, a biologist who wanted to find a perfect vessel for her late daughter Eva. However, Miranda found that Cadou parasite barley bonded with Salvatore, and also noted that his brain function was surprisingly low. As a result of his mental impairment and response to the parasite, Miranda decided to make him a member of the Four Houses to serve her. Becoming a member, Salvatore became a co-ruler of the village alongside Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Donna Beneviento.

The parasite and mold mutated Salvatore drastically, causing him to appear to have a hunchback that was covered in tumor-like substances. He would also be forced to live near water, as the mutation gave him aquatic like abilities and found that water would keep his condition secure. Due to his insecurities, Salvatore would have a cape placed around his back, but was still considered hideous for his mutation. As a result of his appearance and insecurities, Salvatore would isolate himself at his family's reservoir, but yearned for the approval of Mother Miranda.

Wanting to show himself to be a good son to Miranda, he would experiment on villagers at his family's clinic, but with no success as they turned into Lycans.

Resident Evil Village

Mother Miranda would soon learn that the bioweapon, Eveline, was destroyed, but that Ethan and Mia Winters had a daughter named Rosemary, who carried the infection. Seeing that Rosemary could be a perfect vessel for Eva, Miranda kidnapped the child and separated the infant into fragments. She gave Salvatore a flask that contained Rose's arms, and tasked him with guarding it. Moreau feared that it the ceremony was a success, he would be disowned by Miranda and his services would be no longer needed. He first appeared during the meeting with Alcina, Karl and Donna as Ethan was captured by Heisenberg. After Mother Miranda gave Ethan over to Heisenberg, Salvatore watched Ethan be forced into a show where he fought for his life while being attacked by Karl's machines and Lycans.

Salvatore returned to his reservoir to guard the flask, but Ethan managed to kill Alcina and Donna, and collected the flask while Moreau was watching television. Salvatore begged Ethan to not steal the flask, and attempted to inform Winters that Miranda was planning on bringing her dead daughter through Rose. However, Salvatore saw an opportunity to use his enzymes to prevent Ethan from escaping, and mocked Winters for speaking too much before leaving his room. While keeping Ethan trapped, Moreau saw that the Hound Wolf Squad had infiltrated his reservoir, and turned into his monster to kill them. He failed, however, and reached to Ethan, telling him that the exit was underwater and that Miranda was already preparing to ceremony.

Moreau proceeded to transform back into his monster form, and attempted to kill Ethan, but failed as Winters managed to release the water from the reservoir. Salvatore continued to pursue Ethan, blaming him for making Miranda not love him, and also used his acidic vomit during the battle. He was eventually defeated, and screamed out for Miranda before his body expanded and imploded into flesh, blood and acid.

Salvatore's actions were in vain, as Ethan managed to kill Mother Miranda and save his daughter, but sacrificed himself to save his family and Hound Wolf Squad from the Megamycete.


The third is Moreau. A being of twisted flesh
~ The Duke about Moreau

Of the four lords, Moreau is the least human, due to being the only of them that successfully bonded with the Cadou parasite.

His skin is a sickly, pale green-grey, with a prominent hunched back courtesy of the large growths and incredibly short stature, his hair gone save for a few stringy black clumps. Moreau's hands and feet are webbed much like a toad, with his teeth being pointed fangs, alongside gills on his neck. In an attempt to hide his deformities, Moreau wears a full body cloak and robe, alongside a hood adorned with a crown of bones.

Following his transformation, Moreau becomes a massive semi-aquatic monster resembling both a fish and a salamander, with dozens of bulging black eyes, a maw that split into four separate pieces, and its tongue being Moreau's original body.


They’ll have to respect me if I kill you.
~ Moreau to Ethan Winters.

Moreau is characterized by his weak and submissive personality. He is generally disliked by the other lords, and yearns for approval and acceptance, so he is desperate to please Mother Miranda so he can feel loved by her. He seeks to be her favorite "child", and is therefore devastated when he suspects that Rose will take that position and that he will therefore be discarded by her. His intellect is impaired as it is noted to be "surprisingly low" by Mother Miranda, and he has a somewhat childish personality and vernacular. It is however unknown if he was born like that or if it is a side-effect of the Cadou transplantation.

Despite appearing ridiculously dumb and gullible, Moreau is still capable of some trickery. When Ethan snatches one of Rose's fragments from right under his nose, Salvatore feigns sobbing and talks to Ethan long enough to block his way out with the substance and later flood the exit of the reservoir to prevent Ethan’s escape. Furthermore, Moreau was able to experiment on the local villagers with Cadou and even had the imagination to inject one subject with wolf’s blood, creating the Vârcolac although Moreau viewed it as a personal pet and failed to restrain it properly.

After undergoing severe mutations, he becomes excited and delusional, often exclaiming with glee and trying to show the full extent of his powers to Miranda by needlessly jumping in and out of the water, demonstrating the amount of pride he has now that he's not inferior to the other lords. During the boss battle, he's more concerned about how Mother Miranda perceives him and whether she loves him or not. Although determined to kill Ethan to gain respect, Moreau still displays his submissive personality even in his monstrous form and reacts in a pleading and desperate tone when harmed, claiming that he doesn’t want to die and begging Ethan to stop.

His final words are a desperate cry for his “mother” Miranda to help him.

Powers and Abilities

Unlike the other four lords, Moreau's body bonded with the parasite, Cadou, successfully. However this resulted in Moreau being transformed into a hideous fish-like monster with gills, a swim bladder, webbed hands and feet, a hunched back and a deformed face. His cell growth also led to large parts of his reservoir being coated in thick, gooey enzymes that can only be destroyed with explosives. He's able to manipulate the enzyme mass throughout his hideout at will, making large portions of it manifest out of nowhere. When transformed, he can vomit large amounts of green acid and later evolves into a cyclopic, fish-like creature, capable performing huge leaps out of the water, considerable swimming speed and can devour the protagonist whole in one bite. Once out of the water, he's a little less mobile, but can still crawl around using his humanoid arms and attacks by ramming his massive body into Ethan or trying to bite him, in addition to that Moreau's only vulnerable spot is his humanoid body located inside the beast's mouth, which is quite durable and can take a lot of damage, while his exterior form is practically impervious to the ordinary ammunition.


You're stupid. You talk too much.
~ Moreau to Ethan after closing off the exits.
My precious water! No!
~ Moreau after Ethan uses the sluice gate to drain the waters.
I'll make you proud, Mother. Watch me!
~ Moreau while fighting Ethan.
I've... I've been saving this one!
~ Moreau during the fight with Ethan, before unleashing a stream of acidic sludge.
You're the reason Mother doesn't love me!
~ Moreau mistakengly believing that Ethan is the one to blame for his miserable life.
I'm the best! Watch me, Mama!
~ The excited Moreau in his transformed state, while trying to kill Ethan.
Please, Mother Miranda, I’m trying!
~ Moreau begging.
Why do you hate me?
~ Moreau to Ethan.


  • Moreau's appearance in his first form and his overall tragic nature are very reminiscent of Lisa Trevor, especially the appendages sprouting from his boil-covered back and his child-like mentality.
  • Moreover, in his transformed state, Moreau's appearance and attacks bear a striking resemblance to Jack Baker's second monster form, like his proclivity to assault Ethan with acidic vomit.


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