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Ghost Rider - Nostalgia Critic

Sam Elliot is a minor villain in the Nostalgia Critic's review of Ghost Rider. He is based on the real-life actor who played The Caretaker from the Ghost Rider film.

He was portrayed by Doug Walker who also plays the Nostalgia Critic in the same show.

In the Ghost Rider review

Sam Elliot appeared in an infomercial in which he was selling a product called SAM-WOW (a mustache-shaped cloth) to a woman (played by Tamara) and ensured her that it would replace her need for oily rags when she scrubbed the floors. However, as it turns out, the SAM-WOW cloth couldn't come into contact with latex, and as a result, her hands are burnt from the contact between the cloth and her gloves. When she was begging Sam Elliot for help, he tries to help her. However, he spoke very incoherently and he was also holding up a banana, a football, and an ALF doll. Tamara swats the objects to the ground, and Sam grabs her and accuses her of threatening him. He then shoots her and the cameraman as well to get rid of any witnesses.

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