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Guidance counselors get to find out all sorts of interesting things.
~ Sam as he seduces Kelly

Sam Lombardo is one of the main antagonists of the 1998 movie, Wild Things.

He was portrayed by Matt Dillon, who also portrayed Jonathan Corliss in A Kiss Before Dying, Patrick Healy in There's Something About Mary, Trip Murphy in Herbie: Fully Loaded, and Jack in The House That Jack Built.


Lombardo, a high school guidance counselor, is accused of raping Kelly Van Ryan, one of his students. He hires Ken Bowden, a lawyer, to defend him. During the trial Ken questions another student, Suzie Toller, and tells her that she'll go to jail unless she tells the truth. Suzie reveals that Sam is innocent, and that she and Kelly made up the whole thing to get back at him for getting them into trouble at school. Sam gets $8.5 million of Kelly's mother Sandra's money in a settlement.

At Sam's motel room, Kelly and Suzie arrive and it's revealed that the rape accusations were part of a plan concocted by the three of them to bilk Kelly's mother out of the money. Ray Duquette, the chief detective on the case, confronts the girls, spies on Sam, and kills Kelly at her guest house. Ray is dismissed from the force and loses his pension.  

Soon afterward, Ray meets with Sam and it turns out that they are working together; however, Sam is angry that Duquette killed Kelly instead of just framing her. On Sam's sailboat, he and Ray get into a fight, and Suzie shoots Ray with a spear gun and then kills him. Then Suzie poisons Sam's drink, knocks him overboard, and he drowns.

A post-credits scene reveals that Suzie, the true mastermind of the plot, had blackmailed Sam into helping her with photographs of him having sex with Kelly.