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Today, you die!
~ Sam Owen's last words.

Sam Owen (17th August 1985 - 8th September 2006), also known as his alias of Liam Owen, is a fictional character and major antagonist of Hollyoaks,

He was played by Louis Tamone from August 2004 until the character's death in September 2006.


In 2001, the house belonging to Sam's girlfriend, Jules, was set alight. The fire resulted in the death of her younger brother. Sam was accused of the crime, his motive being that Jules had been pressured by her father into aborting their baby. Sam was accused of the crime and served a three year sentence for arson.

Upon his release in August 2004, Sam began going by his middle name in order to avoid identification. The incident made Sam develop an interest in studying law, funding his degree by working as a waiter at restaurant Il Gnosh. Sam achieved a high score in his law exams, and was offered work experience with a high-powered law firm.

Things began to fall apart for Sam when he encountered Jules. Sam was interested in a reconciliation, but Jules was not. Sam later caught Jules and his brother, Russ, kissing and turned on Russ, refusing to listen when he insisted that Jules had kissed him. However, Sam later realized the truth and Jules left after Sam revealed the abortion.

Not long after, Sam's secret was revealed. The villagers ostracized him, until Jules's father confessed to setting fire to the house as part of an insurance scam. The revelation shocked Sam's father, Rob, who did not believe him. This caused a strain on Sam's relationship with his father, as well as his parents marriage. Rob decided to leave, but later returned and put things right with Sam and his wife, Carrie.

Andy leaving Sophie with Sam.

Sam attracted the attentions of Zara Morgan and Steph Dean, but he ended up falling for Sophie Burton. Sam's friend, Andy Holt, noticed Sam struggle to tell Sophie of his feelings for her, and spiked the drinks of Sophie and her twin sister, Mel. Andy raped Mel and left Sophie with Sam. Sam told Andy that he raped Sophie, but after going to the police, Sophie discovered that she had not been raped. Sophie began a relationship with Sam, unaware of his part in the rape of Mel.

When Andy learned of Sam not raping Sophie, he confronted Sam at the top of a cliff. A struggle ensued between the pair just as Russ noticed them. The pair almost fell from the cliff and Russ was forced to choose who to save. Russ chose Sam and Andy fell from the cliff to his supposed death.

Sam was relieved to be free of Andy, but was shocked when he received several text messages warning that Sam and Russ's sister, Nicole, was in danger. Andy later revealed himself, and Sam and Russ managed to track him down to a disused warehouse. The pair attacked Andy, but Andy managed to overpower them both. Andy revealed Sam's involvement in the rapes of six other women in England and Scotland. In a fit of rage, Russ bludgeoned Andy with a metal pole, knocking him unconscious. Andy was drugged by Mel, and killed after being impaled on a pole during a chase.

Sam sentenced.

Russ and Nicole ostracized Sam, leaving him to confess to his parents. Rob initially tried to sneak Sam out of the country, but Sam decided that he needed to say goodbye to Sophie first. He made a full confession, and Sophie tricked Sam into confessing to the police. After he was arrested, Sophie promised to be with him if he pleaded guilty. Sam received a sentence of life imprisonment, being eligible for parole in 2031. However, Sophie revealed that she could never forgive Sam and refused to visit him in prison.

A few months later, Sam sent a visiting order to Nicole and she reluctantly visited. However, she made her hatred for him clear. Sam was later attacked in prison and managed to escape from his hospital bed, going on the run.

A month later, Sam returned suddenly and began stalking Sophie. He discovered that she was in a relationship with Russ, and planned to kidnap her. He was narrowly caught by Warren Fox, whom he planned to beat with a paperweight when Warren almost found him in the office of the salon, Evissa, where Sophie was employed.

Sam made his presence known to Nicole, and held her captive in the flat. He fled the flat, armed with a petrol canister and a lighter. Nicole alerted Russ to Sam's return and he attempted to track down Sam.

The Dog in the Pond's destruction.

Meanwhile, Sam began throwing petrol throughout local public house The Dog in the Pond, where Sophie was. He burst in with a lighter, continuing to pour petrol over the pub. He grabbed Sophie, and Mel and her friend O.B. attempted to grab the lighter from him. Calvin Valentine grabbed a glass and smashed it over Sam's head, causing him to drop the lighter. The pub exploded and Mel was killed instantly in the blast.

Sam, however, regained consciousness. When O.B. attempted to rescue Sophie, Sam hit him over the head with a wooden plank. Russ later discovered the wreckage and attempted to save Sophie. The roof caved in, knocking out Russ and Sophie, but killing Sam as he was crushed under the rubble. Sophie later died in Russ's arms from her injuries, and Olivia Johnson and Joe Spencer were also killed in a second explosion.


Sam was initially introverted and slightly broody, but kind and friendly. However, by 2005, Sam became dark, conscienceless and put himself first.


Rape victims

Sam raped four women in England and two women in Scotland. He was also the accessory to many other rapes committed by Andy Holt.

Murder/manslaughter victims

The explosion at public house The Dog in the Pond resulted in four deaths:

  1. Mel Burton was killed instantly from a blast injury.
  2. Joe Spencer was engulfed in flames when alcohol from behind the bar caused a second explosion.
  3. Olivia Johnson was also engulfed in flames whilst being rescued, having been trapped by falling rubble, by Joe.
  4. Sophie Burton died of smoke inhalation and injuries sustained in the explosion.