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Sam Weaver is a minor antagonist in season 4 of the Starz TV show Power. He is the uncle of Holly Weaver and a pedophile.

He was portrayed by Ned Van Zandt.


When Holly was a kid she lived with her uncle Sam. Sam was secretly a pedophile and he sexually molested her everyday she lived with him. Holly would later tell Tommy Egan all this when they started dating. After leaving Chicago while on a business trip Tommy spots a sign to Cleveland and decides to confront Sam. Sam is a real estate agent and Tommy spots him entering one of the houses he is trying to sell. Tommy meets him inside and confronts Sam with what Holly told him. Sam is remorseless and claims Holly wanted him to molest her. Tommy grabs a baseball bat on display and bashes Sam's head in with it while screaming at him that he shouldn't have touched her. Tommy then leaves the scene of the crime after killing Sam.