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Sam Wescott is the main protagonist and antagonist of the 2018 supernatural slasher film You Might Be the Killer. He was a counselor for Camp Clear Vista, until he was possessed by the Wood Carver's Mask and forced to kill his fellow counselors.

Unmasked, he is portrayed by Fran Kranz.
Masked, he is portrayed by Isaiah LaBorde.


Sam Wescott was an experienced counselor for Camp Clear Vista and knew about the story of the woodcarver. Whenever he would train new counselors he would warn them by telling the story. One summer after telling the tale to a new group of trainees, a female counselor convinces Sam to show her where the woodcarver's grave is. Sam takes her to the grave and they end up uncovering the mask. The female counselor is tempted to put it on, but Sam warns her not to. Instead of heeding his warning the counselor forces the mask onto Sam's face. Sam is possessed by the mask and picks up the sharktooth machete and kills her.

You Might Be the Killer

Sam is suffering from amnesia and running from the killer (actually the surviving counselors). He tries to get help by calling his friend Charlotte, who's a big horror movie fan. 


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