Sam and Sid

Sam and Sid Sleaze are two brothers who appear as the main antagonist in the first Sesame Street movie, Follow That Bird

Sam is played by Dave Thomas, while Sid is played by Joe Flaherty.


After hearing Big Bird's runaway status, the Sleaze brothers kidnap Big Bird to be their star attraction.

Sam does the planning, being the leader of the duo, as he handles the cash receipts, and takes a near sadistic delight in Big Bird's captivity. Sam is also known to steal apples from children.

When Big Bird's friends are trying to free him, Sam and Sid quietly wake up, thanks to Grover, seeing them freeing Big Bird, they drive off with Big Bird still in the cage, attempting to escape from them, but they give chase and successfully rescues him, while they are talking.

Shortly, after Big Bird gets rescued by his friends, Sam and Sid gets arrested by the state trooper charging them for counterfeiting, extortion, fraud, impersonating a dentist, and stealing an apple from a kid who was on the ferris wheel.

Their main job is to act as barker for attractions as "The Invisible Gorilla."

Despite Sid's lack of cunning or ambition, Sid really cannot be considered good or heroic, he is just as determined to make money with Big Bird as his brother is.


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