Samantha is a minor villain in the cartoon TV series Adventure Time. She made her first appearance in "The Pit".

She is voiced by Marina Sirtis.


She first appeared after Kee-Oth the blood demon kidnapped Jake because he though Jake was his own father Joshua, who Kee-Oth was mad at for stealing his blood. Samantha was thrown into the same pit Jake was in, because she tried to steal Kee-Oth' Blood. While in the pit Samantha and Jake started to bond with each other, because Samantha said that she hadn't seen a male dog in years. She states that she doesn't fight because of romantic issues, but when Jake rebuffs she they start fighting each other with Samantha winning due to Jake losing his blood and energy to Kee-Oth.

When Finn and Lady Rainicorn arrive to save Jake, where they trick give into sucking up a sword made from grape juice which makes him explode. After Jake gets his blood back, he helps Samantha out of the Pit and they all return to the tree house. Samantha then leaves stating that she and Jake should fight one day.

She reappears in "Gumbaldia" as a member of Uncle Gumbald's Legion of Candy Kingdom Haters who plan on going to war with the Candy Kingdom.



  • It's unknown why she joined up with Gumbald. Probably just to get a chance to fight Jake.


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