The Sambisan Militants are minor antagonists in the 2018 Marvel film Black Panther. It is an unnamed militant group led by the Sambisan Captain responsible for a sex slave trade.


The Sambasian Militants were known for kidnapping and selling Chibok girls as slaves through the Sambisa Forest for profit. However, their activities were brought to the attention of Wakandan spy Nakia, who went undercover as a missing Chibok girl. It was also told that they also kidnapped a young Chikok boy and forced him to serve them as a soldier.

After two years, the militants were seen transporting more Chibok girls (including Nakia) through the Sambisa Forest, that is until the arrival of Nakia's superior Prince T'Challa (Nakia's superior), who throws EMP beads to disable the militants' vehicles. Upon seeing that all of their vehicles are disabled, the Captain deduces that someone is attacking and orders his soldiers to defense positions.

After seeing one of his soldiers being shoved into a jeep by T'Challa, the Captain orders the militants to fire at T'Challa. However, using his Black Panther armor, T'Challa was able to dispatch the Captain and many of his militants to their deaths while Nakia and Okoye dispatched a few. With all the militants dead, the Chibok girls (along with the young Chibok soldier) were freed and they bid farewell to the Wakandans before heading back to their villages.


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Sambisan Militants
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Sambisan Militants
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