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Sammy is a minor antagonist from Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "OWW". He is the former wrestling partner of Chef Hatchet from back in his O.W.W. days. Together they made a wrestling team called the "Hot Lunch".


In "OWW", Chef told the kids the sad story about how he and Sammy used to be a wrestling team for OWW back in the day until one day, he used Sammy's signature move, the ham slamwich, against him and injured him. Chef felt so guilty that he quit the OWW alltogether and took up the worst job he could think of. Teaching children at a daycare, hence how he ended up where he is today. The kids brought Sammy back into Chef's life by setting up a wrestling match and contacting Sammy to return. Sammy came back and told Chef that he forgave him for injuring him and that he wanted to go back to wrestling with Chef again. Chef was delighted to hear this and got back in the saddle. However, Courtney was quick to figure out that Sammy was secretly planning revenge on Chef. Chef trained the kids to become wrestlers, themselves. Meanwhile, Sammy worked on welding a breakaway chair solid, electrifying a bear trap, and utilizing an angry beaver for the fight. This would mean he would fight dirty in the big match. Courtney tried to fight Chef but he didn't listen to her and just went on with the wrestling match. In the wrestling match, the kids knocked Chef over and when Chef tried to tag Sammy into the game, Sammy used the angry beaver to bite him and then squirted some ketchup and mustard into his face, sending him back into the electric bear trap. Chef found out that Sammy was trying to get revenge on him and then Sammy took out the solid chair to smack Chef but then Izzy snatched it away and led the other wrestling kids to fight Sammy and save chef. Leshawna threw some Legos for Sammy to step on, Owen fired some ice cubes at him, Izzy sent out a bunch of rabid squirrels to attack him, and Duncan took a bat to his knees, knocking him over in great pain. Sammy still wasn't ready to give up until Cody plumeted from the sky like a meteor and smashed him into the ground, defeating him once and for all. Sammy was put into a full body cast and sent to the hospital just like before and swore revenge on Chef. The doctor told him that he would not recover for a long time because he had a Cody trapped inside of him. Cody ripped out of Sammy stomach and asked for some rice pudding.


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