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Sammy Johnstone is the secondary antagonist in the 1983 musical Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell.


Sammy Johnstone was born in the early 1960's to Mr and Mrs Johnstone. Mrs Johnstone is in crippling debt, and because of this, his father walks out on him, Mrs Johnstone and her six other children.

After Sammy's next two brothers are born (resulting in one of them being given to Mrs Lyons) he and his other siblings ask for lots of things from the catalogue.

Seven years later, Sammy is ten. Sammy barges into Mickey's (his newest brother) conversation with Edward Lyons. Sammy insults Edward and Mickey, but is told to go inside by his mother. Sammy is mentioned by Mickey to Edward to have learning difficulty as he has a plate in his head.

Later, Sammy, Mickey, Mickey's friend Linda and a group of other children play a game of Cowboys vs Gangsters vs Indians, Sammy gets annoyed when he loses the game and leaves. It is shown by Mickey that Sammy is very violent, and has many air rifles.

When on the bus with Mickey and Linda, Sammy requests a child's ticket from the ticket inspector, despite being of the wrong age. The ticket inspector knows Sammy is older and tells him to pay full price or get off. When the ticket inspector tells Billy the bus driver to drive to the police station, Sammy pulls out a knife on the ticket inspector and takes his money collection bag.

Sammy is then heard to have accidentally burned down a school in Skelmersdale after moving there from Liverpool.

After this, Sammy convinces Mickey to come with him on a robbery while Edward is confessing his love to Mickey's pregnant wife, Linda. Mickey comes with Sammy, Sammy kills a petrol station clerk and is arrested for life.


Sammy is the eldest Johnstone child. He has a plate in his head after falling from a height at a young age.


Sammy is violent and aggressive, and toward the end of the musical, a criminal. He is selfish as he does not seem to care about how Mickey will be affected by the robbery.