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Sheep, sheep, sheep, It's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead. Hear me, Bendy! Arise from the darkness! Arise and claim my offering! Free me! I beg you! I summon you, ink demon! Show your face and take this tender sheep!
~ Sammy summoning Ink Bendy.

Sammy Lawrence is a supporting antagonist from the 2017 horror video game Bendy and the Ink Machine. He was the former director of the music department at Joey Drew Studios who was corrupted by the Ink Machine.

He was voiced by Aaron Landon, who is a developer of the game.



Sammy Lawrence was the music department director at Joey Drew Studios, managing the orchestra and sound recording. It is currently unknown why he became trapped in the studio, but at some point, he was corrupted by the ink from the Ink Machine and turned into a humanoid monster.

Chapter 2: The Old Song

Sammy first appeared wandering the hallways but disappears when approached.

After Henry activates the flow pump to remove the ink from the office door, he appears in the projector booth, watching Henry. After Henry activates the Pump Control in Sammy's office, he is knocked unconscious by Sammy, who is standing above him, mumbling. Henry wakes up, tied up by Sammy, who is wanting to sacrifice him to Ink Bendy as a way to have him be freed from his ink-covered form. He taunts Henry, repeatedly referring to him as "sheep", then tries to release Ink Bendy on him. However, the creature turns on him and attacks, leaving only his mask behind (and ink splatter) as shown in the post-credits. Henry escapes and runs from Ink Bendy, but makes it out alive. Despite this attack, Sammy is revealed to be alive later in Chapter 5.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel

Sammy is revealed to be still alive, smashing through a boarded doorway in the Lost One's Village. The berserk Sammy charges towards Henry with an axe, determined to kill him. After Henry hits Sammy enough times with the Gent Pipe, his mask falls off and he hides his face in shame. Upon approaching him, Sammy throws Henry to the ground; before he can deal the finishing blow, Tom sneaks behind him and hacks his axe into the side of Sammy's head, killing him for good as he dissolves and returns back to the ink.


While it is unknown how he looked as a human, Sammy as an ink monster appears as a black, inky humanoid figure with elongated arms and legs. He wears white overalls similar to Boris', and the head of a Bendy cardboard cutout as a mask. The mouth is punched out, allowing him to speak clearly. He also seemingly lacks in feet. Under his mask, he is almost faceless. He lacks almost all facial features, even ears, leaving only his eye-sockets partially visible.


Before his corruption, Sammy appeared to have been a sarcastic, but amiable and all-around friendly guy. However, afterward, he is extremely mentally ill with a bloodlust and a sadistic desire to serve Ink Bendy, though he really wants freedom from his ink form and the studio that he is imprisoned in. He does seem to retain his memories, as he recognizes Henry, though he dismisses this.


So first Joey installs this Ink Machine over our heads. Then it begins to leak. Three times last month, we couldn't even get out of our department because the ink kept flooded the stairwell. Joey's solution? An ink pump to drain it periodically. Now I have this ugly pump switch right in my office. People in and out all day. Thanks, Joey. Just what I needed. More distractions. These stupid cartoon songs don't write themselves, you know.
~ Sammy, when he was human complaining about Joey Drew.
Very artistic person needs a sanctuary. Joey Drew has his and I've got mine. To enter, you need only know my favorite song.
~ Sammy Lawrence about his room.
Sing my song and my sanctuary will open to you.
~ Sammy about his room.
He appears from the shadows to rain his sweet blessings upon me. The figure of ink that shines in the darkness. I see you, my savior. I pray you hear me. Those old songs, yes, I still sing them. For I know you are coming to save me. And I will be swept into your final loving embrace. But, love requires sacrifice. Can I get an amen? I said, can I get an amen?
~ Sammy in a message possibly mocking Henry, then speaking out loud.
Rest your head. It's time for bed.
~ Sammy after knocking Henry out.
There we go now, nice and tight. We wouldn't want our sheep running away now, would we? No, we wouldn't. I must admit I am honored you came all the way down here to visit me. It almost makes what I'm about to do seem cruel. But the believers must honor their savior. I must have him notice me. Wait. You look familiar to me... That face... Not now. For our Lord is calling to us, my little sheep. The time of sacrifice is at hand! And then, I will finally be freed from this... Prison. This inky... Dark... Abyss I call a body. Shhhhh! Quiet! Listen! I can hear him. Crawling above. Crawling! Let us begin. The ritual must be completed! Soon he will hear me... He will set us free.
~ Sammy's monologue, after kidnapping Henry.
Wait. You look familiar to me... that face...
~ Sammy seemingly recognizing Henry.
BETRAYED!!! ABANDONED!!! I trusted you! I gave you everything....and you left me to rot! ...Why? WHY!?
~ Sammy during his sudden appearance during Chapter 5.
No! Don't look at me. Stay away.....
~ Sammy, when his mask is knocked off by Henry.
Ah! You lied to me! You said I'd be free! Well, I'm going to free you now! Free your head right off your shoulders! Sheep, sheep sheep... it's time for... sleep.
~ Sammy's last words when he tricks Henry into being grabbed by him before he's killed by Tom.


  • While in the room where he summons Ink Bendy, Sammy can be heard singing what could be a poem or song.
  • It is unknown how Sammy can see while wearing his mask as it has no sign of eyeholes or anything else that could help him see.
  • If the player collects all of the musical items in the game's third chapter, Sammy's voice can be heard.

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