Why should I care about the population? I'm afraid this adventure is over now. From this moment on, you and your friends are just seven witnesses too many!
~ Sammy to the Thea Sisters when he takes them hostage

Sammy Sharkfur is the main antagonist of Thea Stilton and the Legend of the Fire Flowers.


Sammy is a slimy resort owner who will do anything to get his money. His grand scheme involves keeping the people in the hotel in check and hires a wicked scientist, George Crusterson, and two fake police officers to work for him. Sammy tricks his partner, Ekana Kahanamoku, into helping him with his evil schemes.

When the Thea Sisters go on a trip to Hilo, Hawaii and notice him the first time, they smell a rat and go through a handful until they discover his sinister methods, which are deceiving Ekana, who at first is reluctant to help, and that he had built the Fire Flowers Hotel next to the soon-to-erupt volcano Mauna Loa.

Even worse, the Thea Sisters, with their friends Ekana and Renani, discover that Sammy and Crusterson stopped the observatory from monitoring the volcano's activity by altering the equipment and endangering the lives of Hilo. That way, none of the press would know about the eruption. Sammy and his thugs ambush the friends. He reveals his plan to them and that's when Ekana realizes that the evil rodent has been using him. Ekana, Renani, and the Thea Sisters are bound, gagged, and locked in the basement by Sammy's henchmen. Fortunately, Ekana's grandfather Nahele finds them and sets them free.

The volcano erupts, and the Thea Sisters, with Ekana, Renani, and the rest of the guests escape, but the lava destroys the hotel and Sammy's money. Sammy and his henchmen are apprehended by the police. The evil mouse tells the mouselets there isn't any proof, but Paulina has recorded what he had said ("Why should I care about the population?"). Sammy is arrested after shouting, "I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling mouselets!".


  • Sammy Sharkfur is probably the most vile villain of the Thea Sisters series, endangering an entire city to get his money.
  • His personality is reminiscent of Rodolfo, Gordon Gekko, and Tortoise John.
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