That is all, material defender. Prepare for descent.
~ Samuel Dravis
Ha ha ha, poor material defender.
~ Samuel Dravis

Samuel Dravis is the executive of the Post-Terran Mining Corporation. He is the primary antagonist of the Descent video game series.


Dravis hires a material defender as a mercenary to clear out a computer virus infecting the machines and robots used for off-world mining operations. Once the Defender defeats the boss robot on Pluto's moon Charon, Dravis tells the Defender he cannot return to the PTMC's headquarters in Earth orbit, as there is a chance his ship may be infected with the same virus as the defeated robots. Dravis then blackmails him to accept a new mission: "If you've studied your standard mercenary agreement, you would notice that PTMC reserves the right to keep you on retainer for up to 72 hours, post-mission. If you choose to decline further service, we may consider you in default of your contract, and your fee may be suspended, pending litigation. Good luck, Material Defender. Dravis out."

In the third Descent game, it's revealed that Dravis had been improving the computer virus and had tried to kill the material defender by overloading the warp core of his ship. In the Mercenary mission pack, it's also shown that his interests do not represent PTMC's as a whole, as he hired a mercenary to kill the actual CEO of PTMC, Suzuki, before he discovered his shadowy machinations. This essentially put him in charge of PTMC. He maintained an extensive private stronghold on Venus as well as a military-grade assault mech for defense. In the end, though, Dravis is fatally injured by the Guide Bot's flares and PTMC headquarters is destroyed.

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