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You´ve won! It´s over. You stopped the invasion and closed the portal....But it´s come at a price. Argent, VEGA, this entire operation! You see, I´ve watched your work-come to understand your motivation. You think the only way is to kill them all-leave nothing behind....and you may be right. But we can´t just shut it all down. Without Argent Energy, it will be worse. I don´t expect you to agree, but with this! We can continue our work!
~ Samuel Hayden
I am not the villain of this story. I do what I do because there is no choice. Our time is up. I can´t kill you, but I won´t have you standing in our way! Until we see each other again.
~ Hayden betraying the Doom Slayer and stealing the Crucible, as well as the final words of Doom (2016).

Samuel Hayden is the anti-heroic secondary antagonist of the 2016 video game Doom, and a major character in the sequel Doom Eternal. He is the Chairman of the UAC who oversaw the Argent Energy research projects at the UAC Mars Base.

He is voiced by Darin De Paul.


Samuel Hayden was born to the powerful Hayden family and was a very prodigious intellectual and philanthropist. After he was appointed as General Director of the Global Science Council, the UAC recruited him. Soon after Argent plasma was discovered on Mars, Hayden subsequently took over the leadership of the UAC.

After the Argent Energy Tower was constructed in 2127, Hayden was diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer and left with a few months to live. Hayden avoided his death by transferring parts of his brain into a 3-meter tall mechanical body. It was implied that Hayden chose this form for his expeditions into Hell.

Hayden led the first manned expedition into Hell in 2145 in which he discovered the Doom Slayer. He had the Slayer recovered and kept him personally under his watch away from the auspices of his disgruntled colleague Olivia Pierce. Hayden's relationship with Pierce gradually deteriorated due to her deranged, religious obsession with Hell which ultimately corrupted her.

After Pierce betrayed Hayden and planned to open the gates of Hell, Hayden awakened the Doom Slayer and tried to persuade him to assist him in stopping Pierce. He is harshly rebuffed twice at the beginning of the game, though Hayden claims to be willing to accept full responsibility for Hell's invasion.

After the Doom Marine killed Pierce and stopped Hell's invasion, Hayden betrays the Doom Slayer, taking the "Crucible" artifact from him to continue exploiting Hell's resources for the sake of humanity's progress before sending the Doom Marine to an unspecified location. Before he does so however, Hayden states his certainty that he and the Doom Marine would meet again.


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