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You've won! It´s over. You stopped the invasion and closed the portal....but it's come at a price. Argent, VEGA, this entire operation! You see, I've watched your work-come to understand your motivation. You think the only way is to kill them all-leave nothing behind....and you may be right. But we can´t just shut it all down. Without Argent Energy, it will be worse. I don't expect you to agree, but with this! We can continue our work! I am not the villain of this story. I do what I do because there is no choice. Our time is up. I can't kill you, but I won´t have you standing in our way! Until we see each other again.
~ Hayden betraying the Doom Slayer and stealing the Crucible, as well as the final words of Doom (2016).

Samuel Hayden is the anti-heroic secondary antagonist of the 2016 video game Doom, and a major character in the sequel Doom Eternal. He is the Chairman of the UAC who oversaw the Argent Energy research projects at the UAC Mars Base.

Samuel Hayden is voiced by Darin De Paul.



Born to the Hayden family, Samuel Hayden grew up to be a smart, prodigious philanthropist. Doing well in numerous fields of science, the UAC hired him after he became General Director of the Global Science Council. He is also the founder of the Samuel Hayden Foundation, which supports scientific talent for various schools. Following the discovery of Argent on Mars, Samuel lead the UAC to help mine this resource. However, as the energy tower to use this said source of energy was being built, Samuel Hayden was diagnosed with brain cancer, and to cheat death, he transferred the undamaged bits of his mind into a robotic form.

Following this, Samuel Hayden gained the role of Project Director of the Argent Facility, guiding humanity to use the new resource for good use. Leading the first journey to Hell in 2145, he eventually discovered Doomguy/the Doom Slayer, who he had to keep under his guard away from his former friend and benefactor Olivia Pierce, who began to lose her mind after being corrupted by thoughts of Hell.

Doom (2016)

Following Olivia's betrayal and announcement of her plan to open the gates to demonic forces onto Earth, Samuel awakened Doomguy to try and convince him to assist in his plans. Although eventually gaining his help enough through information and force by cutting off communication, the more destructive marine destroyed much of Hayden's stations rather than disabling them, much to his own annoyance, as he planned to continue gaining this energy after the events of the game.

Meeting the man himself inside his own office, Samuel tells of his plans to find the fabled Crucible, the key to slow down the rate of Argent and end Olivia's mischief. He also directs Doomguy to head to Lazarus Labs for the Helix Stone and the BFG 9000.

Following Olivia's defeat, Samuel summons his minion, teleports Doomguy elsewhere, and takes the Crucible for himself to continue his plans to mine more energy.

Doom Eternal

Later on, Samuel reappeared on the world's stage to help fight against the demonic invasion of Earth. Offering to lead the charge against the demonic threat, the Allied Nations Council accepted his offer and had him become Lead Director of the Armored Response Coalition. Reshaping his facilities to supply Argent-made technology, Hayden was hailed by many for his battle against Hell's forces through making Argent-Synthesis, the Crucible, and command over human forces.

However, Samuel was badly injured during the failed Operation Hellbreaker, losing parts of his body in the process. Guarding the powered down cyborg, scientists at ARC also kept his Crucible. Upon his ally's arrival, staff at ARC gave Doomguy the Crucible as he also took Hayden's body, reviving it through the mainframe of the Fortress of Doom. Telling of Deag Grav's location, Doomguy shot a hole through Mars (much to Hayden's amazement), and went into Sentinel Prime to face Grav.

Following Grav's demise, Khan Maykr attempted to take down the Fortress of Doom to end Samuel's life, only to be saved by Doomguy. He then safely guided his ally to defeat both Khan Maykr and the Icon of Sin to save Earth from hellish havoc.


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