APE!! HE'S AN APE!! A-P-E!! APE!! HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO!! Just get him to the ship!
~ Philander yelling at two of his four lackeys that Mangani isn't a monkey.

Samuel T. Philander (also simply known by his surname Philander) is a recurring antagonist in the Disney TV animated series The Legend of Tarzan. He is Professor Archimedes' academic rival who frequently attempts to steal his ideas or garner fame by turning Tarzan in as the "missing link".

He was voiced by Craig Ferguson, who also played Nos-4-A2 in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.


Philander is a rude, arrogant, manipulative, and careless old man who has a maddeningly superior and arrogant attitude. He behaves like he is the better scientist than Professor Porter when he clearly is not. He also seems to be somewhat paranoid, and delusional, as evidenced by his misguided belief that Porter had not returned from Africa because of a new discovery he made.


On one occasion, he found Pellucidar yet his photographic proof about dinosaurs' existence was ruined by the Baby Baboon photographing himself. He also tried to capture the silver ape, Mangani, who is known for his healing powers. Samuel even tried to capture Tarzan and his men mistook Archimedes for him.

His humiliations reduced him to living in an apartment in Chicago constantly ducking the Landlord when he was visited by Edgar Rice Burroughs about what he knows about Tarzan.

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