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Samuel Warden (formerly Andrews, also known as "The Warden") is a demon from the episode "The Substitute" of the Poltergeist: The Legacy TV show.

He was portrayed by the late Ben Cross.


Joseph Dawkins, a student at St. Athanasius who's eager for vengeance against bully Brad Rollins, discovers a journal of a member of the banned Legerdemain Club. He finds instructions for a ritual for summoning "The Warden," who promises power to the powerless. With his two friends George and Arthur, he gathers the necessary materials and performs the ritual. Later, Joseph and his friends are surprised and alarmed when their chemistry teacher, Mr. Klein, goes missing and a mysterious substitute, Samuel Warden, shows up. Warden reveals that he is the one the trio summoned and announces he's reviving the Legerdemain Club, stating that attendance is mandatory. He demonstrates his powers by summoning a swarm of invisible insects and having it attack Brad.

Warden sets up residence in the seemingly abandoned home of Andrews, leader of the Legerdemain Club back in 1966. Joseph, George, and Arthur are summoned to the house in one room that has been magically preserved. There, Warden gives them their "scripts" for the school program the following night, and reveals that Andrews did not hang himself but was in fact poisoned. When the boys leave, Warden is revealed to be keeping Mr. Klein prisoner in the basement.

Legacy members Derek Rayne, Alex Moreau, and Dr. Rachel Corrigan investigate Warden, and Derek discovers that "S. Warden" is an anagram of "Andrews," meaning Warden and Andrews are one in the same.

Warden magically attacks Philip Callaghan and Nick Boyle on their way to see Joseph, seizing control of their car through Nick. Philip breaks Warden's control by splashing holy water on Nick; while Nick is the one who is splashed, it's Warden whose face is burned.

Confronted by Nick and Philip, Joseph reveals the diary and confesses to summoning Warden; he and his friends are now the demon's prisoners. He also reveals that the Legerdemain Club will be performing that night at the school program. Nick and Philip hurry to Andrews' house to find the missing Klein (who's revealed to have been instrumental in defeating Andrews thirty years before), only to discover he's now gone.

The two men then hurry back to the school to stop Warden from using Klein as a human sacrifice to gain revenge on the people of the community. Just as it seems his power is too great to fight, Philip comes in and uses his own ritual to send Warden back to Hell.