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So, young ninjas. You will come to challenge me at my own fortress will you? Do you think this is some kind of GAME?! No. You may think that by defeating my idiot minions that you have weakened me, but YOU ARE WRONG!
~ The Samurai Warlord

The Samurai Warlord, also called Ashida on the Nintendo DS version of the game, is tyrannical overlord of the Samurai clan and is the main antagonist of Mini-Ninjas.



The warlord was originally an ancient megalomaniac with a strong connection to the mythical Kuji magic, using his power and master orator skills to build an army of Samurai and take over the world for the three hundred years. However, he was defeated and banished by the heroic ninja master. Another three hundred years later, the warlord raised to power yet again, instead capturing dozens of animals and turning them into mindless, loyal Samurai soldiers. However, in his conquest for hegemony, the use of his Kuji magic disrupted nature, alerted the Ninja Master and triggering him to send his best ninjas out. The warlord had the ninjas captured only for them to be rescued by the remaining one, Hiro. The small yet strong ninja traveled through the plans of Japan, thwarting the warlord's plans of overtaking the world and engaging him at his personal fortress.

The warlord then unleashed his ultimate Kuji magic to battle Hiro, turning into a flying dark force and bombarding the ninja with waves of snow and lightning storms. However, the warlord's efforts were not enough, and his was defeated once again by the ninja clan.

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