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Whoops... killed the puppies.
~ Samus

Samus is the main protagonist of the Metroid series and is usually a good person. However, in the Starbomb song and music video "Regretroid", it shows her as an short-tempered feminist willing to do anything to destroy her enemies, even destroying planets.


In the video, the narrator describes Samus as a powerful and courageous bounty hunter with amazing breasts, to which Samus reprimands him for. The narrator then turns her attention to Kraid, who brags about how he is going to kill Samus (by eating and then defecating her).

But when he realizes that Samus was in fact a female, and seeing how attractive she is, he attempts to get on her good side by baking her some desserts. Samus, however, is fed up with enemies becoming nice to her upon learning her true gender (even remarking that Mother Brain gets more respect). She demands that Kraid leave her planet immediately, but he continues to flirt with her. She then declares that she will kill him, but Kraid tries to win her over once more with a basket of cute, innocent puppies. But Samus kills him along with the puppies.

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