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Another piece for my museum.
~ Sanae Kirishima
I'm not a murderer, I'm a creator. An artist who spreads joy.
~ Sanae Kirishima in the manga.
I suppose... that there will be a new trial. The jury will see my works, and everyone will know... how I killed those five people... Experts will try to explain everything, like freaking geniuses... They will explain why I became like this... There will even be some... Hee hee hee... who feel pity for me!
~ Sanae while defeated, explaining how society will see his murders.

Sanae Kirishima, also known for his pseudonym The Frogman, is the main antagonist of Ryousuke Tomoe's horror manga novel Museum: The Serial Killer Is Laughing in the Rain, better known for his appearance on his 2016 horror-thriller adaptation Museum.

He is a highly dramatic and meticulous serial killer that has the peculiarity of always attacking every time it's raining, and ''punishing'' his victims with diverse tortures specially designed for them. He was believed to be taking vengeance for the sentence and suicide of Shigeru Ôhashi, guilty of the Girl in a Resin murder case. But as the story progresses, we soon realize that his motives were even more darker.

He was portrayed by Satoshi Tsumabuki.



Sanae was the son of a wealthy art dealer called Eiji Kirishima, who along with his stepmother Keiko, was brutally dismembered by an unknown murderer, and all of their pieces were reassembled as they were one person.

In the film, he had a sister named Mikie (while on the manga he was an only son) who was taken by a medic and raised as his daughter, while Sanae was left very young alone to a clinic to trait his photodermatoses (a skin disease that causes painful sores when exposed to sunlight). He passed alone all of his childhood, remembering the gruesome crime scene that he found in his own house until years later Mikie found him, already titled as a reknown medic, and took him to a specialized hospital where they treated his disease. However, this didn't take long enough as Sanae left the hospital and returned to his old home where the murder of his parents took place. The old memories of him finding their bodies, leading to Eiji's profession as an art dealer ending up growing a deep trauma inside Sanae's mind, making him wanting to be a great artist that wants to be remembered in history. However, Sanae replaced the brush and canvas for something more peculiar: People.

Girl in Resin

At some point, Kirishima decided to put his plan on creating his masterpiece, a ultimate piece of art that will make the world remember him as a supreme artist that would remain in people's minds as a figure of terror on which he wanted to be remembered. With that in mind, Kirishima spotted his first victim: A four-year-old girl named Yumi Mikami.

While she was shopping with her mother, Sanae managed to kidnap her and keep her captive in a unknown place. After that, Sanae murdered her by dipping her in urethane resin and then letting it harden until it turned into a block with Yumi's corpse inside, then he proceeded to exhibit the body in front of a concurrent place like it was a piece of art. This was supposed to be Sanae's masterpiece, however, the police lead the tracks to a completely different person: Shigeru Ôhashi, a mentally ill person that worked on a plastic factory with urethane resin and that was already convicted for paying sex with minors. His antecedents along with his mental illness allowed him to be an easy guess for the jury to condemn to death row. However, Ôhashi never reached to pay his sentence, because he hanged himself while he was in the hospital. He was known as the perpetrator of the Resin Girl murder case afterward, all of this while Sanae got away with his crime, but instead of screaming victory, he was completely and outright furious. All of his work, awarded to another person, while he was just still a spot on the shadows. Knowing that he lost his opportunity with Yumi, Sanae plotted vengeance, as he was about to punish every one of the incompetent witnesses and judges of the jury. They would be his new masterpieces, the new collections for his museum.

Vol. 1 - Sentenced to Dog Food

The first chapter starts with a dream of our protagonist Hisashi Sawamura regarding his wife Haruka and his son Shouta. He is awakened by a call of the Tokyo PD regarding a crime scene where he should go since he is the Police Sergeant. The crime took place inside an abandoned building. It is raining, a disgusted Senior Officer Jun'ichi Nishino couldn't bear the gruesome crime scene and starts vomiting, much at the amusement of Sawamura. Once he had the first glance of the body he understood why Nishino couldn't keep his lunch down.

A young woman chained to the floor, completely torn to shreds. Three big and ferocious dogs were being taken from the scene by animal control, as they apparently were the murder weapons. Assistant Inspector Kouzou Sekihata informed him that the victim was apparently lured to the scene, chained down, and then the three starving dogs were released to eat her alive. The only thing known from the scene is that 'some guy in a raincoat' was seen hanging around the area where the crime took place. Sawamura leaves the place with Nishino, thinking what kind of twisted individual could have done something like that. If the intention was to kill, there were better and much effective ways to do it. There was something behind this crime that he couldn't figure out. 

While he and Nishino were talking about the scene, he is phoned by a veterinary regarding one of the dogs that killed the woman, as he spit something up. The object apparently was a piece of paper with something strange written on it: 'Sentenced to Dog Food'

Vol. 2 - Sentenced to Knowing Your Mother's Pain

If you can't quit smoking, then a pleasure killer won't be able to stop killing.
~ Sekihata about Sanae's mind.

Sanae torturing Yuuichi.

While Sawamura finds the first scene, Kirishima was already heading for his second. In the first chapter, a twenty-eight unemployed geek named Tsutsumi Yuuichi was attacked by Kirishima on his shared apartment and tied up to a chair in an unknown place. His intentions were made clear as soon as Kirishima shows a horrified Tsutsumi the paper that carried his punishment. After mocking him regarding how he was a parasite that lived at the expense of his mother, Kirishima cuts off his ear with a hacksaw and throws it inside a can that was above a scale. The chapter ends with Kirishima saying "3260 grams to go", a grim premonition of Yuuichi's fate. On the first pages of the next volume, he proceeds by cutting off his other ear. Yuuichi's pain is so strong that he begins to struggle and breaks the scotch tape that was gagging him and starts screaming for help, but no one was coming for him.

Meanwhile, Sawamura and Nishino were informing their superior Okabe Toshio about the dog food crime scene, and Sawamura has the theory that the perpetrator might have been a vigilante, who had some intense hatred against the victim and decided to take 'justice' on his own hands. Toshio thinks Sawamura is rushing things off and might be dramatizing for the little details they have of the scene, and discards the possibility of a vigilante.

Soon after, the identity of the victim comes to the light, Uehara Akemi, a twenty-six-year-old woman who recently was living together with her boyfriend. Sekihata and Sawamura go to his apartment to inform him about the death of his girlfriend. Between mourning and crying, Sawamura mentions if the word "dog" rang any bells on his mind, and he informs him that apparently, Akemi had to give up her dog due to her boyfriend's allergies. No one wanted to take care of the dog so she had to give him to a shelter, where he was probably put down. Brutally killing someone for abandoning a dog was a weak mobile for Sawamura, and it only confuses him more. They both believe they have a killer that murders for pleasure, something that will gradually become a great problem. They will have a new serial killer on their hands.

Sanae was still torturing Tsutsumi while all of this happened, he already advanced at completely cutting off his nose, making him look like a deformed skeleton. Tsutsumi asks for mercy, but it's all in vain. Trying to defend himself, he manages to bite Kirishima's finger so strong that pierces through his rubber gloves and makes him bleed. Slightly angered, Kirishima pushes him to the floor and puts his foot on his head, saying him to "take his punishment like a good boy", and starts sawing the top of his head. The Volume ends with a gruesome image of a bloody bucket filled with Tsutsumi's body parts. Ears, nose, fingers, and top of his head cut off, all of this while he was still alive. The scale stopped near 3280 grams. The punishment is over.

Vol. 3 - Commonality

Tsutsumi's corpse is found by a couple of youngsters who were having oral sex on the same abandoned building he was murdered. The Tokyo PD start the investigation of the case. Sawamura realizes that the number on the scale were Tsutsumi's sawed body parts were placed represents his birth weight, the killer was cutting parts of his flesh to fill the scale to match his weight as a baby and making him pass the pain his mother was submitted through. While they discuss the details on how the murderer knew specific details as the birth weight, Sawamura wants a glass of water and asks the person next to him to hand him a bit. The person had rubber boots, just like the ones found on Tsutsumi's apartment, but he doesn't mind it that much. Sawamura notices a wound on the right cheek of Tsutsumi's body, meaning a last-ditch struggle between him and the killer. Tsutsumi might have to bite the killer's left thumb. Sawamura remembers again the person who handed him water, and how he had a wound on his thumb. He looks to his side to find him, but he was already gone.

The next day, Nishino tells Sawamura and Sekihata that they found the common link between the victims, both Tsutsumi and Uehara Akemi were part of the jury in Girl in Resin's trial at the beginning of the year. Sawamura's beginning to crumble in terror and tells Nishino that his wife was also part of that trial. He tries to call her by phone, but she is not responding.

Vol. 4 - Sentenced to Equal Love

Sanae delivering the package.

Sawamura's wife and his child Shouta are nowhere to be found, and he fears that they were both kidnapped by the killer. After the murders of Tsutsumi and Uehara, Tokyo PD think that all of the murders are connected to the Girl in the Resin murder case, and that the killer was someone really close to the initial suspect of the case, Shigeru Ôhashi, who killed himself after being found guilty. They believe the murderer is taking vengeance for it, and they sought to protect the jurors and judges who appealed for the death penalty against Ôhashi. They also initiate a massive search for those that were missing, Haruka Sawamura and a judge named Koizumi Tsutomu. 

Sanae takes advantage of a rainy night to deliver mysterious packages for two different and seemingly unrelated women in different locations. The package was heavy and had a letter attached to it saying "Sentenced to Equal Love". The content of the package was the body of Koizumi Tsutomu, who was cut in half and both parts of the body sent separately to his wife and his lover.

Vol. 5 - Punishment: Forever Beautiful

As Tokyo PD hears about Koizumi's death, they try to concentrate their efforts on finding the other targets, as well as investigating Ôhashi's relatives and friends. Sawamura tries to find his wife and kid by his own, visiting a nursing home (called Tranquil Echoes) where Haruka's best friend Kayo is working, but gets no information about their whereabouts. Some agents of Tokyo PD go to the apartment of one of the targets, Judge Ayako Setouchi for protection, but find out that the door is unlocked and a big industrial freezer is standing in the middle of the living room with the note 'Punishment: Forever Beautiful' attached to it. Inside of it, they find the frozen naked corpse of Ayako, that falls and shatters her nose.

Vol. 6 - Significant Other

Kirishima kidnapping Haruka and Shouta.

Following Ayako's death, the police were now trying to find Haruka and they go to the apartment of Kayo to interrogate her, as she was the last person she called, but find her boyfriend instead that tells them that she is working at Tranquil Echoes. The two agents encounter Sawamura at the same place, and they decide to cooperate and interrogate Kayo. She denies any help as she thinks Sawamura is a neglectful spouse and father that cares more about his job than his family, but they try to convince her that is for an important matter. An enraged Sawamura yells that they are being besieged by a serial killer, and she confesses that they were hiding in her apartment since Haruka left Sawamura. They question why her boyfriend didn't tell them they were there all along, and she gives the disturbing fact, for the shock of everyone there that she didn't have a boyfriend. The chapter ends with Kirishima kidnapping the drugged Haruka and Shouta and putting them in big plastic boxes.

Vol. 7 - Punishment: Stick a Needle in Your Mouth

Sawamura and the agents quickly head to the apartment but it's already too late, as Kirishima fled with the two. However, Sawamura spots a black car driven by a man in a raincoat and pursues him while the agents check the scene. There, they find a note of what is supposed to be Sawamura's "punishment": Bring Your Family to Work. Meanwhile, other agents are trying to find the remaining targets. Two more police agents seek for the juror Tsunehiko Maya in his place, but instead find a really graphic crime scene: The tied-up corpse of Maya, mouth wide open with a dental gag and filled up with thumbtacks. Attached to him there is the note 'Punishment: Stick a Needle in Your Mouth'. Sawamura still tries to pursue the black car while requesting backup, but unfortunately for him, a woman with a dog stands in his way and the chapter ends with Sawamura crashing into a pole, losing his only chance to save his family.

Vol. 8 - Same Smell

The Frogman appearing before the shocked Sawamura and Nishino.

Thanks to his reckless behavior, Sawamura gets suspended and pulled out of the case, but he insists on trying to find his family and calls Nishino to help him. As Sawamura's superiors could not find a single suspect, they re-analyze the Girl in Resin murder case in order to find what the killer's true motivations could be. Sawamura has the feeling that the killer might not be actually connected to Ôhashi, worst of all, he thinks that the killer might be the actual guilty party for the murder of Yumi. He believes that Ôhashi was innocent all along and that the killer is not actually taking vengeance for his death, but has problems realizing what his true motives are. As they speak, they spot Kirishima watching them from the outside, only separated by a thin glass window.

Vol. 9 - Creator

Sanae killing Nishino.

Both Sawamura and Nishino try to pursue him across the entire city, despite his specific outfit Kirishima manages to blend perfectly with the environment. Sawamura eventually gets exhausted and stops, but decides to desperately look for Nishino when his glasses fall from the top of a building right in the spot he was standing. At the roof, he finds out that Nishino has been taken hostage of the Frogman, who is holding him at gunpoint and holding him from his tie, being this the only thing that prevents him from falling to his death on the roof. Having Sawamura's attention, Kirishima finally confesses to him his true motivations: How he believes murder is art, and his "masterpiece" was adjudicated to a nobody. He would make the persons who condemned Ôhashi pay for making the world believe his masterpiece was from a commoner and not his. As soon as the sun rises, Kirishima knows he has not much time left to toy with his victims, so he congrats Nishino for his new 'promotion', not before dropping his tie and letting him fall to his death.

Vol. 10 - Secrets

Sometime after Nishino's death, his body is transported to the hospital along with Sawamura. Highly regretting his decision, Sawamura blames himself for Nishino's death and tells Sekihata the true motives of the killer and the truth behind the Girl in Resin murder case. However, he doesn't want to tell him that the killer needs him and would return very soon.

Vol. 11 - Red Star

Sawamura decides to escape custody as he wants to take vengeance on the killer with his own hands. He gets a gun from contraband and waits for the Frogman to come after him, but he never did. He gets fed up with waiting Kirishima and actively starts to search for clues that would lead to him. He finds an important lead, The Frogman always attacks in the rain. He notices how Kirishima instantly fled the scene after killing Nishino instead of overpowering Sawamura as he was his target, always following the clouds. He also remembers his constant itch when the first sunlights hits him, itching his skin even beneath his disguise. With this in mind, Sawamura believes the killer might have some kind of hives.

Vol. 12 - Person in Question

Sawamura starts a full investigation about the killer's condition, and he gets to the conclusion that he has some kind of photodermatoses. He visits every hospital in the Kanto area (which he assumes is near where the killer lives) trying to find a patient with similar conditions with no luck at all, until he visits the Tokyo Chuo Medical Center, the best hospital for allergy treatment. Sawamura asks a doctor named Sakai about the patients with photodermatoses, but there are hundreds of them. They try to guess which one of them is by speaking about the case and the killer's condition. Sakai says that is impossible his allergy is triggered with the sole contact of sunlight as he is fully protected, and both realize that the killer has another important condition: Psychosomatic Conditioned Reflex (which means his allergy triggers on the sight of sunlight and not contact). Due to this being an extremely rare condition, Sakai has an idea of who the killer may be, but doesn't want to cooperate with Sawamura as he has no warrant. Sawamura proceeds to force him at giving the patient's chart at gunpoint. 

Vol. 13 - The Old Mansion

Kirishima attacks Sawamura.

This is the chapter were Sawamura knows the name of his tormentor: Sanae Kirishima. Sakai tries to convince him that he is a good man who has been dealing with depression since his tragedy. He explains him his origins, including the murder of his parents, how he was left alone at a young age being treated for his disease, with sadness growing into him as he grew old. After this story, Sawamura is more convinced than ever that Kirishima is the perpetrator, and breaks into his mansion at the Hachioji District with the intentions of getting revenge on him and save his family. Inside of the house, he finds a lot of evidence that links him to the crimes, being the frog mask, papers of the industrial freezer that he used to kill Ayako, and lots of photos from his previous victims. The thing that shocked him the most, however, is the fact that Kirishima had a hidden camera on his bedroom and has been watching him from his computer since the beginning of the murder cases. Sawamura is so shocked that he barely notices that Kirishima is behind him menacingly rising a crowbar.

Vol. 14 - Private Suite

Kirishima attacks Sawamura while he is distracted and disarms him, but he manages to fight back and starts punching him in the face, releasing all of his rage he had against him. He demands to see his family but only gets laughs from Kirishima, who starts mocking him as one night he saw how Sawamura was masturbating with the thoughts of the wife that left him. While he is distracted, Kirishima grabs the crowbar and starts violently hitting Sawamura in the head until he faints, telling that he would guide him to his "suite". Sawamura awakens in a small room, locked by a door that requires a password. Next to him, there are mannequins of Haruka and Shouta with a box that says "Daddy, let's play".

Vol. 15 - Puzzle

He also finds a loaded gun on Haruka's mannequin left hand, which also has printed a note that says "Eat Up" while his finger points to the floor. The box contains a puzzle that would reveal the password if solved, and a tape recorder that has the conversation of Sawamura and Nishino discussing Yuuichi's murder, how he sees the cases as a puzzle.  Enraged, he starts banging the door demanding Kirishima to get him out, who is watching him from a camera in his room and laughing at his suffering. Sawamura decides that if he wants to get out, he must play the sick games of his captor. 

Vol. 16 - Password

Kirishima sends him food coming out from a broken pipe in his room. He realizes from the pieces that the puzzle contains a drawing of Shouta. With that in mind, he tries to guess the password with no luck at all.

Vol. 18 - Alphabet

Sekihata and his squad are gathering clues for Sawamura's disappearance. Meanwhile, he is still trying to solve the puzzle and find the password. He doesn't even know how much time he has been there, being fed with Kirishima's low-quality burgers and sodas. He finally realizes that the password is actually letters shaped as blank spaces on the puzzle, which form the word "EAT". 

Vol. 19 - Disguise


After escaping his prison, Sawamura finds a kitchen on the other side of the door, meaning that Kirishima was always close to him. He starts to think the worst regarding the password, the burgers, and the bloody kitchen, even worst as he finds a fridge with a photo of his family attached to it. His concerns were justified, as he finds the severed heads of Haruka and Shouta inside it.

However, this was a trick from Kirishima, as we see that he was holding his family hostage in another room and created props of their heads. The intention was to enrage Sawamura as much as possible. This was the last key to complete his masterpiece.

Vol. 20 - Emesis

Sekihata and his squad manage to find Kirishima's mansion following Sawamura's steps. They break-in and find the body of Sakai, who has been missing for days and was supposedly murdered by Kirishima for snitching. They start to look for Sawamura before is too late. Meanwhile, a disguised Kirishima appears before a mentally broken Sawamura, and starts mocking him regarding how he "murdered" his family. 

Vol. 21 - Punishment: Bring Your Family to Work

Sanae with the disguised Haruka.

Enraged, Sawamura opens fire with the gun he found before and starts pursuing Kirishima in the basement to finally end with his life. Thanks to his bad state of body and mind, he is unable to successfully going after him and starts tripping on the place, even cutting his feet with broken glasses. Sanae knew this, and this is where we see what his plan was: He disguised Haruka with his own killer costume so Sawamura would mistake her as the Frogman, killing her with his own hands without actually knowing it, and thus finishing his punishment. 

Vol. 22 - Back

Somehow, Sawamura manages to find out the person before him was his wife, regarding his memories about her. Kirishima enrages as his masterpiece was flawed by a last-minute problem, and now he has to finish it for himself on actions that are not from his style.

Vol. 23 - Ending

Sanae fainting as the sunlight triggers his photodermatoses.

Haruka begs Sawamura to kill her, as Kirishima threatened her with killing Shouta if she failed. He takes Shouta as hostage, threatening to kill him if he doesn't kill his wife. As Sawamura is not willing to kill his love, Kirishima gives him three options, or "Endings" as he puts it, those being that Sawamura kills Haruka letting him and Shouta live, Sawamura grabs the gun that he dropped and kills Kirishima (although he states that this Ending can't happen) or Kirishima murders them all. Before he has the chance of doing it, Sekihata appears and shoots Kirishima, ending with the only chance he had to finish his masterpiece.

Final Volume - Happy Birthday

Despite shooting him three times in the chest, Kirishima manages to survive as he had a bulletproof vest, but he's still wounded in his arm. He tries to escape from the police that is already in his home, but just before he could get away, Kirishima meets his comeuppance as the rain stopped just at the time he stepped on his garden, being burned and swollen with the sunlight. He manages to survive, but entering in a deep coma where he is unlikely to awake. Despite being defeated, Kirishima succeeded in his final goal, as now Sawamura has to live with an intense post-traumatic stress disorder that will torment him for the rest of his life, and the society remembers him as an obscure figure of terror, immortalizing him and his work forever.

Other Media


Sanae torturing Yuuichi in the movie.

Sanae's movie adaptation follows almost the same line as the original. The movie starts with Sawamura being called to a crime scene. They find the corpse of a chained woman who has been torn apart by starving dogs while she was alive. The scene was so gruesome that Nishino, Sawamura's apprentice begins to throw up his lunch. The only clue they have is that someone with a raincoat was seen leaving the scene. Sawamura and Nishino are called out by an animal shelter, as one of the dogs spitted a note that reads 'Sentenced to Dog Food'. After identifying the victim as Uehara Akemi, Kirishima takes advantage of the situation to kidnap Yuuichi and murder him in cold blood, showing him his punishment beforehand (which is still 'Sentenced to Knowing Your Mother's Pain'). Police go to the crime scene the next day to find Yuuichi's corpse, with most of his remains being on a scale matching his birth weight. Sawamura and Nishino try to find out knew something as specific as the birth weight, and while they discuss, a man in a raincoat serves water to him. Sawamura believes the killer might have been wounded in his left thumb, just like the man that handed him water, but before he realizes it the man was already gone. The police think they may have a serial killer who is targeting the jurors of the girl in the resin murder case, was four-years-old Yumi Mikami was found murdered, with his corpse dipped in urethane resin and exhibited as it was some kind of art piece. They think the killer might have been taking vengeance for the death of Shigeru Ôhashi, who was condemned to a death sentence for the case and committed suicide. Sawamura is scared as his wife was part of the jury, and is not answering her phone. 

The Murders

Tokyo PD was trying to protect the jurors and judges from the case, but Kirishima manages to outsmart them each time. Frozen to death, split up with a chainsaw, being force-fed needles, the gruesome nature of the murders and the kidnapping of Sawamura's family made the police believe doubt about the killer's true motivations. Thanks to his reckless behavior, Sawamura gets pulled out of the case and now he has to go on his own to find his family again and stop the killer before it's too late. He asks Nishino for help in the case, and they realize that the killer is not acting through vengeance for Ôhashi's death, and that he was the original killer of Yumi. As they speak, the Frogman appears before them and they pursue him across the city. Like the manga, Nishino ends up captured and murdered before Sawamura's eyes, and now he is more determined than ever to find him. In his investigations, Sawamura realizes that the killer might have some condition that burns his skin when exposed to the sun (photodermatoses), and goes to every hospital that treats this condition in order to find him.


Sanae's demise.

This are the only differences from the manga, as Sawamura finds out about the killer's condition and we find out through flashbacks that he had a sister named Mikie, which replaces the role of Professor Sakai from the manga. When Kirishima met his comeuppance by being exposed to the sunlight, he is taken to the hospital in a terminal state where he is unlikely to awaken. Mikie, knowing about the monstrosities his brother has done, decides that he is too dangerous to be left alive. He visits him in his room at the hospital and injects in his veins a drug that starts to quickly kill him and making him convulse, ending with his brother's terror museum for good.


Sanae is a tall man that always wears a blackened-greenish raincoat with the hood always opened up and jean pants with black rubber boots. A rubber frog mask with frog-themed gloves is a frequent motif on his outfit and always wears it as a form of covering his skin from the sunlight, as well as hiding his identity. Without the mask, he is a bald man, and his skin is covered with scars and sores, the product of his photodermatoses. His voice is very high-pitched, especially when he is laughing, and his face is seemingly flattened. He also lacks eyebrows.


Despite having a very well-developed mental illness that has been growing inside him since his childhood, Kirishima also showed traits of taking joy in the pain and misery of others, both psychologically and physically, indicating that he pretty much knows how the human mind works and is aware of how atrocious his crimes are. He loves making his victims suffer, not only by subjugating them to very complex and painful tortures, but also making it known to them that they are going to die at his hands and telling them the reason why he punishes them, filling them to terror, guilt, and panic, that leads Kirishima to frequent outbursts of excitement. However, his psychosis obligates him to keep working on his murderous enjoyment, the reason why he views his kills as "art" pieces, and makes him adopt the current traits of a pompous artist that loves to seek attention. 

He has a really strong sense of artistic flair and likes to make very complex and well-prepared (but still gruesome) crime scenes, with the intention that the police will find it and the media will label him as the "artist" he is supposed to be. He possesses an extreme cunning intelligence that helps him with his murders. He is very meticulous on every little work he does, stalking his victims, investigating every single aspect of their lives, making little plastic models on how the murder will look, how it will be made, where it will take place, etc.

He views people as vessels of terror that he exploits to bring himself pleasure, as he takes pleasure in the misery of people. However, he also knows that he will die someday and the fun will not last forever, the reason why he wants to be embodied in history as the supreme artist that will live forever on his gruesome works, and thus, will live forever in the collective consciousness of people.


  • His origins remain almost the same in the manga and the movie.
  • Despite ''The Frogman'' being his official nickname, he is never refered as such in the movie nor in the manga. Instead, this nickname originates from Tomoe's commentaries in the manga, which derivated as the media labeling the character as The Frogman.

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