Sancraid Phahn
All things are subject to cause and effect. You have nowhere to run.
~ Sancraid Phahn

Sancraid Phahn is a villain from Fate/Prototype who is the master of Berserker and the Absolute Void Degree Master in the Holy Grail War.


He is a current (actually previous) member of the Assembly of the 8th Sacrament, participating in the War under the its and the Church's direction. He is actually a member of the Order of the Templars (another organization that has connections and allegiance to the Church but is actually separate) and one of their top heretic hunters under a false name, due to his notoriety.


Sancraid is a young adult with short straight silver hair, blue eyes and a thin frame with a reptilian shape. He wears a black priest's uniform with white gloves. His Command Seals are located on his tongue, taking the form of 8 devilish wings, with 8 eyes on every wing and one in the center.


Unlike his equivalent Kirei Kotomine, Sancraid initially appears very kind, pitiful and remourseful, speaking comforting words to Ayaka Sajyou rather than in any tone of derison or sarcasm. Also, while Kirei hid his ambitions for the grail while maintaining a certain air of animosity, Sancraid appears as a complete maniac, switching between a kind persona and an evil psychotic one that is completely obsessed with the grail.

The truth is that, behind his warm and compassionate demeanor, Sancraid really is a fanatical racist, to the point of possessing a ferocious and furious hatred for Asians and considering them sub-human.

He's a hunter, someone who murders heretics ruthlessly.


Sancraid uses secret techniques of the Assembly of the 8th Sacrament and always moves together with his Bounded Field, thus having extraordinary defensive power. He was able to remove Ayaka's command seal and transfer it to the same location on him as her to control her Servant, Saber.

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